5 things people say when you get married young.

I got engaged at 20 and married at 22.That time went very quickly,it was a whirlwind of white,excitement and trying to find buttonholes!Life has only got better since that amazing day,but I thought I'd share with you some things I have noticed people say and my thoughts on this life changing experience.

1. "Well,I heard that 50% of marriages end in divorce?"
I'm not too sure of the current statistics,but people definitely like to quote them! I think that no matter what age you are,there is obviously some chance of it not working out.I think what matter is your attitude and awareness of the problems that you might need to face together. I've know family friends be married for 40+ years and then split.

2."Why don't you ask your sister?"
The amount of people who mistake me for Sam's sister! I find it really amusing when he has to correct them saying that I'm his wife.Cue surprised looks and "oh,you're quite young aren't you?".I just smile,I can't complain if they think I look younger than I am,can I?

3."When are you having kids?"
I think anyone who is married or planning to gets this.One thing at a time please! We will have kids in our own time,I would like to spend some time together and make sure we have everything in place,before we bring another person into this!

4."Wait until you've been married 40 years,and then see how you feel!"
Ok! I'm sure I'll be very happy.I look forward to us sitting in armchairs with our slippers on,complaining about the youth of today.

5."You didn't take his last name,did you?"
Yes I did! I've wanted to be Mrs Wilkes for 10 years so I was more than happy to take his name.I love that it is something we share,and a permanent reminder (along with the rings!).Some people don't,some people do. I'veI've heard some lovely names double barrelled.When Dawn Porter married Chris O'Dowd she changed her name to O'Porter.There are tons of options and only choose what is right for both of you.

I know 90% of these are in good humour,and they don't bother me at all.I know I've made the best decision of my life and I couldn't be happier.The average age for women to marry in the UK is 28 so I'm a little younger than usual,but I think as long as you're two consenting adults in love,who cares!Whether you marry a man or woman,or you don't marry at all.Your happiness is the main thing and that doesn't have to come from a marriage or a relationship.

Find happiness in everyday!


  1. Oh.. I feel so much connected by reading this post.. Absolutely , everyone should look out for happiness always by any means!! I feel Life is too short and should be spent with the one who makes you alive each moment!!
    God bless you! :)
    Do drop by my blog in your free time!

  2. Thank you very much! I agree,I definitely think it's best to go by your heart because it's normally never wrong.I will pop over to your blog now lovely! xx

  3. Such a lovely post! It really doesn't matter what age you are, as long as you are both happy. Congrats! xxx

  4. Thanks so much! I agree,if it's meant to be it doesn't matter if you're 18 or 80! xxx

  5. So funny to read! And I feel really connected, I got exact the same comments from people! I'm also 22, and got married last year (when I was still 21.)

    When you're in love, age doesn't matter right? :)

    But still, congrats!!



  6. I completely agree,happiness is the main thing! Thank you very much,and congratulations to you both.We've just got to let the comments go over our heads.xx

  7. I'll be 22 when I get married (it was supposed to be last week but we had to change it) and we've heard all of this too! People like to stick their noses in and tell us we're too young - we're getting married on my fiance's 20th birthday! - but its no one else's business. That photo is gorgeous! Congratulations on your marriage, you look very happy together :) x

  8. Thank you very much and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I agree,lots of people have their opinion,whether good or bad,but as long as you're happy that's all that matters.xx


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