Forever Autumn OOTD

I must admit I'm not a Spring/Summer person.I hear everybody getting excited about wearing pastels and sunglasses but I can't quite get on board.I try to drag out my Autumn/Winter clothes for as long as possible.Today was sunny but pretty cold so I bought out one of my favourite outfits that I have worn to death.
Dress-£5 from Primark
Utility jacket-£4.50 from Devon Air Ambulance Charity Shop
Leggings-£7 from Peacocks
Boots (in a later picture)-£12 from Primark

Sorry for the awkward stance,I haven't got used to being photographed yet! Burgundy and khaki are two of my favourite colours and I love the contrast between them and my pale skin.It's a really comfortable outfit which definitely helps me feel nicer,there's nothing worse than having to adjust yourself all the time.

I had to be careful when this photo was being taken as it looked a bit like I was flashing someone! Luckily,there was no one around.I love these £5 dresses from Primark because they are great to dress up or down.They're really soft too,and the stitching seems quite well done.I like the flattering cut and I'm a sucker for floral prints on anything.

A quick close up of my jacket.I had been looking for a khaki jacket for a while,so I grabbed this quick when I saw it.It was originally from Dorothy Perkins and I love the huge pockets (I like to take the whole house with me.)I had to roll up the sleeves because of my T-Rex arms,but I like to think this adds to the overall look.

I love these boots! They've definitely been worth their money.They are really comfy,although I've noticed that the sole is starting to come away,that's what I get for buying a cheap pair I suppose! I love the military look of them and they are pretty versatile.Not very exciting,but I really recommend the leggings from Peacocks,they are quite thick and the seams are pretty sturdy.I think they will last a few washes.

It's a pretty simple outfit,but I think that they can be the best sometimes.I don't think fashion needs to be something you overthink! I love getting inspiration from other people though,I see ideas I would never have thought of.

What's your favourite outfit right now?

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