Etsy Wishlist

Etsy Wishlist

Every time I have a look on Etsy,I have to hold myself back from spending my life savings! There are so many unique things that you never knew you needed.It's a great place to go if you want to buy something that you know you won't see 50 times on the high street.Here are my top picks right now!

1.Disney's Frozen "Let it go" necklace (£12.95 from this seller.)
I watched Frozen a little later then everyone else but I'm so glad I did.I loved everything about it;the characters,the music and of course,the plot twist.My favourite song is "Let it go",the lyrics are so meaningful and this necklace is so pretty! I love the little snowflake and it's dainty enough that I could wear it everyday.It's actually quite affordable too.

2.Life doesn't have to be perfect poster (£8.63 from this seller.)
I love beautiful fonts and sentimental quotes so this is perfect for me! I tend to be quite a perfectionist,so this would be a lovely reminder for me to appreciate the small things.I'd love to put this in my bedroom in a pretty frame.

3.Disney Pixar Up phone case (£14.17 from this seller.)
Up is another film that made me emotional! It's so beautifully written and the love story is just so adorable, but it's definitely a tearjerker.I was so happy to find a pretty phone case that would cover my Sony Xperia (they all seem to be for iPhones).I love the simple design and I definitely think this would make my phone look a little different (I'm always picking up other peoples phones!).

4.Bacon Beeswax Lip balm (£1.57 from this seller.)
I love bacon and a love lip balms (I have a bit of a collection),so I was really excited to see this.I've bought a few lipsticks before that contain beeswax and cocoa butter,two ingredients that I  find are really great at keeping my lips soft and preventing chapped skin.It says that it contains real bacon grease,which doesn't sound very appealing,but that is what makes a bacon sandwich taste so good! I'd probably end up licking my lips too much.

5.Beyonce coffee mug (£11.10 from this seller.)
Beyonce seems to be everywhere these days,and I know some people think it's a bit too much,but I just can't dislike her.I'm a 90's child and I was a Destiny's child fan,she's got an awesome voice! I thought this was really cute and it would definitely bring a smile to my face on a bad day.It's a bit more than I'd normally pay for a mug but it's novel and fun.

6.Carpe Diem notebook (£4.18 from this seller.)
I'm always collecting notebooks.I love all of the amazing designs you can get,and they are a great place to scribble all of my thoughts."Carpe Diem" or "seize the day" is a great motto to live by,and this little notepad is a great size to put in my handbag.

I definitely think I will end up buying some of these,I've bought a couple of things from Etsy recently and they've been of really good quality.Also,I like the idea of supporting small businesses who make great products!

Have you used Etsy before? What things do you love?

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