A walk can do wonders

Everybody has those days.You know,the ones where things just don't go right or you feel just a bit groggy.I love to get outside and just take in my surroundings.It's really easy to get caught up in life and I think taking the time to breathe in some fresh air and taking 5 minutes to collect my thoughts can really help.It hasn't rained for a while here in Devon,so I'd thought I'd take the chance whilst I can to get out in the sun.

I thought I'd take some inspiration from nature and wear these cute floral canvas shoes(I know, florals for spring..how groundbreaking!).They are so comfortable and I managed to get them for £6.99 from the British Heart Foundation.They are Joe Browns,which I know can be an expensive brand,so I was rather happy with that!

I love it when all of the flowers start coming through.February can be quite a drab and grey month,so these beautiful snowdrops,daffodils and crocuses really help brighten up the day.I always want to start growing flowers but I know I would end up neglecting them (I was a terrible Tamagotchi owner),so I'll settle for seeing these lovely ones.

I'm lucky that the village I live has a river running through it,it's beautiful to walk along in the summer and is a great place to go and have a picnic.I spent I while watching the ducks splash around and stick their bottoms in the air (does anyone know why they do that?),and it was really relaxing to watch the sun sparkles on the water.

I love people watching too,I always wander about people,what stories they have and if they have any weird quirks.Also it's great to be able to see "normal" people,which is a refreshing change from seeing celebrities and models on TV.Although I love the countryside,I love visiting cities too,checking out all of the interesting buildings and sights.I'm thinking of taking a little mini break at some point.

What places do you like to visit? I'd love some suggestions!

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  1. Hi Kim! Nice first post :) I believe ducks stick their bums in the air so they can get to the algae and stuff on the bottom of the pond/river!
    Also, just a tip for the Bloglovin code above - you need to paste it into the title space for it to work. I made the same mistake and ended up just making a separate little post for following me on Bloglovin. Hope that makes sense!
    Good luck with the blog :) x

  2. Hey! Thanks :) I never knew that..they're so cute though.I haven't the first clue about Bloglovin' so that really helps.I'm going to go back and see if it needs changing x


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