Lifestyle // What I've bought :Budget haul

Although I've never been a big spender, I'm trying to shift my focus towards buying things that will help me me practice self care and still put a little back in savings.As you know,I love browsing budget stores and buying second hand bits,and it's made a huge difference to how far I can stretch my budget It's easier said than done sometimes,but I'm really happy with what I've bought so I thought I'd share them with you all!

As much as I love Yankee candle jars (vanilla cupcake is a personal favourite),I don't like how they often burn down the middle,leaving loads of wax behind.That's where this wonderful Glade Peppermint Crush candle comes in.Although this fragrance is meant for the Christmas season,it's perfect for anytime of year.I burn this pretty much everyday,and there's still plenty left.It also burns evenly and leave the room basked in a cosy glow (perfect for an after work nap!) The scents smell very realistic,and the mix of sweet vanilla and fresh peppermint really help to clear my mind and leave my bedroom smelling gorgeous.I can't believe I bought it for only 99p from the 99p store! 

I'd been wanting to buy this book for a while,as I'd heard such great reviews about it.With books and most things though,if you leave it a while they really drop down in price.I managed to pick this up from this seller on Amazon for £7.48,and I'm so glad I did. I've been reading the story of how Jack Monroe,a struggling single Mum living in poverty,had to stretch her £10 a week food budget to feed herself and little boy.She started sharing her budget recipes on her blog, and that's where it all began! I'm really looking forward to trying her recipes because they're not intimidating or too fancy,just good honest food.I think the first thing I'm going to try is the Carrot,Cumin and Kidney bean burgers.

I'd been looking for some artificial flowers to jazz up the background of my photos for a while, so I headed to the 99p store to see what I could find.I would love to use fresh ones,but my allergies,and the fact I'm an awful plant babysitter means that that would be a bad idea! They had so many pretty colours to choose from,but I chose these beautiful vibrant red and crisp white ones,so that I can switch it up the mood depending on what I'm writing.They're really easy to move around and style too,I think I'm going to have to get some for my ever changing bedroom.

I know that I haven't bought much,but I guess that's the point of trying to stick to a budget! It's really nice to treat yourself with the little things sometimes,and I think these are going to become a regular feature in my life and blog posts,so why not save some money at the same time?

Are you trying to budget? I'd love to hear any tips you have.



Lifestyle // 20 reasons why I'm a feminist

 photo beyonce-politics-flawless_zps4184eaab.gif

I've been following the #YesAllWomen tag on Twitter recently,and it's full of reasons confirming why I am a Feminist.It's been very enlightening, but also very sad to read the experiences of Women all around the world.The word "Feminism" can certainly conjure up the dated stereotype of "bra burning man hater",but there is no way to identify a feminist based on looks.People of all ages,races and backgrounds support and hold up the beliefs that Feminism fights for.The definition of Feminism according to the Oxford English Dictionary is "the advocacy of Women's rights on the grounds of equality of the sexes",but I think Queen Bey sums it up quite well too.Equality to me is the main focus.I believe that all genders deserve to have control of their bodies,and should be able to live and voice their opinions without fear.

I'm a Feminist because...

  1. The Gender Pay Gap in the UK for 2013 was 19.7%. (source)
  2. When someone  says "you fight/act like a girl" it's seen as an insult. 
  3. Because 30% of the female UK population has suffered domestic violence. (source)
  4. This video highlights how men can be victims of abuse too,but they often don't get taken seriously. (source)
  5. Because women have been asked in interviews "do you intend to have children?"
  6. Often a women who has had lots of sex is a "slut" whereas a man is praised.
  7. Women are often taught that they should see other females as competition ("I'm not like other girls") rather than holding each other up and supporting one another.
  8. I have been refused a job because "I wouldn't be able to lift things",even though I fit the job description.
  9. According to this survey,35% of male college students admitted they would commit rape if they knew they could get away with it.(source
  10. Because men are often made to feel ashamed for enjoying "feminine" hobbies and showing emotion.
  11. Because women are often made to feel ashamed for being "unladylike", or pursuing traditionally masculine careers.
  12. Unnecessarily Gendered Products (source)
  13. Single mothers are often portrayed by the media as "desperate" and relying on benefits,whereas single Dads are praised for "doing so well with them".
  14. If a man chooses to be a stay at home Dad,he is often questioned and made to feel less "manly".
  15. Schools put tougher restrictions on what the girls wear,to make sure  that they don't arrive in "inappropriate" clothing which may affect the boy's attention.
  16. There are still countries that don't allow women have an abortion,except in life threatening cases.In my opinion, all women should have the reproductive right to a safe and legal abortion free from shame and discrimination,if they choose to.
  17.  There are people in the world who think that women owe them a smile or sexual favours.
  18. Women are still encouraged to stick together on a night out for safety.
  19. There are 33 states in the US where it is possible to be fired from your job for being gay or transgendered. (source)
  20. Over 20,000 girls are at risk from Female Genital Mutilation in the UK.This practice is illegal over here,but many young women are taken abroad for the procedure. (source)

You're a star if you've managed to read all this! I felt really inspired by all of the strong people who are taking a stand against negativity and injustice in the world.Sadly,it would be very naive of me to expect people to be treated equally any time soon,but I love that people are more willing to challenge stereotypes and voice their opinions now.

Do you identify as a Feminist? I'd love to hear your opinions


Lifestyle // Our Honeymoon FAQ

Don't you just love going over photos that have special memories? I always try to make sure I take my camera with me everywhere to capture moments that I want to remember.The most life changing event for me so far has to be our wedding,I had so much fun writing a blog post on it which you can read here.Of course,after the wedding comes a honeymoon,so I thought get all of my photos together and share with you our first trip as Husband and Wife!

Where did you go/ How did you get there? 

We went to Cheltenham for a week as we were looking for somewhere budget friendly,and it only takes a couple of hours to get there from our hometown (travel sickness is not very romantic).Also,it means that we can visit Sam's family as that's were he hails from originally. We got a lift to the train station and as we were saying goodbye to my Grandparents, they threw confetti at us! With confetti in our hair and armed with a bag full of food (have you seen the price of train sandwiches?) we spent the hours watching the scenery go by and playing Lord Of The Rings Top Trumps.

Where did you stay?

We stayed at Sam's Gran's house and then visited his Dads for one night.I know this doesn't sound very romantic,but it is a great way to meet his family who we don't otherwise see very often,and their houses are in beautiful locations.One is in Gloucester and the other lives in Cheltenham,which was so convenient as they're only about 9 miles apart and are connected by a pretty reliable bus service.

                                                              What sights did you see?

You might recognise these corridors as parts of Gloucester Cathedral were used to film Harry Potter! We loved wandering the passageways and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.It's a huge building with plenty of beautiful stained glass windows,which means that it's always full of people making the most of photo opportunities,it's definitely a great place for bloggers!

We didn't even know this place existed until I noticed a little alleyway that was covered in beautiful Christmas lights.This cute little shops is full of everything Beatrix Potter and tells the story of how Gloucester influenced her stories.It would be a great place to take children,or even for newlywed twenty somethings to reminisce about their childhoods!

Cheltenham is so pretty,especially in the Winter months.The streets sparkle with Christmas lights and really show of the beautiful regency buildings.It's the perfect place to go for romantic walks or for a date because there are tons of restaurants for any budget (I'm all about Wetherspoons!) At some point,we'd really like to go to the races to see what all the fuss is about.

We even managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Tewkesbury which is a cute Tudor market town.There are lots of great shops to look around and of course,we had to look to see what bargains we could find in the market (that never changes!) I think I got a little snap happy but I wanted to make sure I remembered every second of such a special time.

We had such a great time just simply spending time together without technology or TV to get in the way.It just goes to show that you don't have to go abroad to have an awesome holiday.Saying that,for our 1st year Anniversary we are thinking of going to Paris so I'd love hear people's experiences in the "City of Lights".

What was the last holiday you went on?


Fashion // Cotton & florals OOTD *

I regularly find myself trying to find the perfect place to take OOTD's,and I fancied a change from my back garden,so I decided to head to my local woods which is full of beautiful wildflowers and is really peaceful.Also,I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase this Black Cotton Shirt* that Pinpoint clothing kindly sent me to review.They are a new company based in the UK that offer affordable women's fashion for all tastes and occasions.

I picked a size 12/14 (XL) and found that it fit really comfortably,I've always had a problem with shirts being a little baggier on the waist,so I decided to add a skinny belt to cinch in my waist and give me a little more shape.I would really like to see a size guide on the site so that people can refer to that and hopefully pick the best size for them.I'm a big fan of cotton clothing because I find it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and is perfect for keeping cool in the Summer,and this shirt is no exception.I love how breezy and soft it feels when I wear it,I definitely think it's going to be a Summer wardrobe staple even though it's black.As Wednesday Adams said "I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour".

It's a little sheer,but definitely not enough to notice really,if you were feeling self conscious,you could always wear a cami underneath, but just make sure to wear a black bra! I love the ridged texture to the front and the slouchy sleeves,it really perks up what would otherwise be a plain black shirt.I think this would be a perfect outfit to wear for a shopping trip or for a casual lunch as it could be easily dressed up or down.I paired it with some black jeans and my trusty Joe Brown floral pumps to add a bit of colour. It's.It's a really versatile piece though,and it would be a great addition to many outfits.

I have the habit of changing my clothes a couple of times throughout the day because I often get uncomfortable,but I'm still wearing this as I type,so that definitely says something! I'm really happy I came across Pinpoint clothing as the delivery was so quick and they were very helpful and friendly,nothing was too much trouble! This shirt retails at £18.99 and is currently available in sizes 12/14 (XL) and 16/18 (XXL) so if you're after clothes for Summer that don't break the bank I'd really recommend having a look.You can buy the shirt here.

Have you discovered any new companies  recently? I'd love to hear about them!


Lifestyle // Friday Food Favourites

J.R.R Tolkien once said "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold,it would be a merrier world",and I couldn't agree more! Food is one of life's pleasures that I'm rediscovering during my recovery,so I thought I'd share with you what I'm enjoying at the moment.I couldn't get through the day without a couple of snacks to keep me going,and these are all from budget stores, making them great choices if you're trying to save money.

 Although I really enjoy cooking,I love things that I can just throw in my bag in case I want a quick snack. "BiscoCereali Croccanti Classici" and "con cereali integrali" roughly translates as "crunchy classic" and "with whole grains".Thanks Google Translate! I was expecting something similar to a granola but but they're much more filling and don't crumble to pieces like Nature Valley bars.They're quite hard,so if you have weak teeth I wouldn't recommend them,but I love the texture and light honey taste.You get 6 bars in a pack and I picked these up from the 99p store.

 I love Cinnamon on everything.It instantly takes food and drinks to the next level,and I always associate it with staying indoors wrapped up in warm blankets.These crispy Cinnamon sugar cookies from Gullon (which is a Spanish company apparently) are perfectly light and crisp,and you can even dunk them in your tea! Again,I got these from the 99p store,I'd really recommend them if you're after some international food.

 I'm a sucker for American food,but I'm also on a budget,so I'm not willing to spend £7 on a box of Lucky Charms! Luckily,I spotted these at Poundland and quickly stashed them in my shopping basket as they were being snapped up pretty quickly.I wasn't really sure what to expect,but I would describe them as Peanut Butter Maltesers.I've tried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups before,but I'd say these are even nicer! They melt in your mouth leaving behind a subtle creamy peanut flavour and a crispy malted ball. I've passed these around the family and even the ones who don't really like Peanut Butter are a fan!

 I could easily buy a Starbucks or Costa coffee everyday,but the price can really add up so I've been trying to find a cheaper alternative.These Latte Macchiato sachets from Mokate are really quick to make and even give you the frothy milk top you get in coffee shops.I would definitely use a tall mug because when you're stirring the milk,it almost doubles in size (learn from my mistake!) They have a nice subtle coffee flavour,it' s definitely not gourmet coffee,but they are really easy to drink and taste really velvety and smooth. You can pick these up from the 99p store and they had various other flavours too,so there's something for everyone.

I really enjoy reading posts that people create on certain days,so I think that every Friday I'll be sharing my "Food Favourites" with you.I hope that you've found something that interests you,as you can see,I think I should have shares in budget stores!

What snacks are you enjoying at the moment?


Lifestyle // Bloggers you should be following Part 2

 I've decided to extend my Bloggers you should be following series because there are so many fantastic bloggers out there that I feel need mentioning,and I had so much fun writing Part 1 which you can read here.I think interaction and great content are key in creating amazing blogs that keep readers hooked,and these ladies have this in spades! If you're after some new reads for your Bloglovin' feed then look no further.Of course,all of the beautifully designed headers belong to the respective bloggers and designers.

Do you often lament your teenage years when all you had to worry about was perfecting your Myspace angle and how much Harry Potter you could read in one night? Me too.Becky's awesome blog really gives me all the nostalgia feels,I mean look at this amazing post where she revists her emo phase! My 14 year old self is very jealous of those socks.Her style is still just as awesome these days and if you love fun prints,pastels and a little bit of geekery then you will definitely get lots of fashion inspiration here.My favourite look has to be her recent Gingham OOTD.I love everything about it;the jelly shoes,the cute frilly socks.So perfect.Now before I stop waffling on like a crazy fangirl,I would also like to mention that Becky hosts the Monday #fbloggers Twitter chat where I've had some great conversation with her,she comes across as very upbeat and friendly which is just what everyone needs on a Monday! Follow her on Bloglovin' guys.

If you love beautiful photographs of the Countryside and adorable dogs then you will love Life Outside London written by the wonderful Michelle.I love her style of writing,it's like you're round her house having a cup of tea! I'm sure she'd serve you these amazing recipes too.These Cheese and Red Pepper Thingumies (scientific word) look so fresh and easy to make, and don't even get me started on these PB squares.As a fellow Devonian blogger,I really enjoy reading about all the adventures she gets up to in the area,and I'm sure it'll be a great help to holidaymakers who come down here for the Summer.

As you all know from my blog,I'm really into raising awareness and busting misconceptions surrounding mental health,so I'm so happy to share Catherine' awesome blog YouWishYou.I spoke to her over the phone as she's currently working on a feature discussing body image,and she made me feel so comfortable and came across as a very articulate and passionate person,we could all do with some more of that attitude in our lives! Not only that but she also has an amazing fashion sense,and I love her take on the Little Black Dress.Her blog is a great place to go for beauty reviews regardless of your budget,and I really think she will go far in Broadcast Journalism.You can follow Catherine over here 

Now admittedly I only have one tattoo (a hastily chosen but much loved lower back number,yes it is a Butterfly) but the beautiful designs and artists that are shared and discussed over at Illustrated Teacup really make me want to own more artwork.Having a tattoo can be a big decision and I love that Rachel takes the time to explain the negatives and positives of the tattoo world,so that people can make the right decision for themselves.This How to look after your new tattoo post is full of useful advice and tips to help heal your new ink and leave it looking as perfect as it did from day 1.There are a couple of mood board posts where give  great inspiration for any budding aritists or for people looking for their next tattoo,I mean look at these amazing tea inspired tattoos (that rabbit is adorable).I love how personal and in depth she is about  her experiences and own artwork with us,and I think she knows what she's talking about after all the hours she's spent getting tattooed! I love how much her colorful full sleeve contrasts against her white wedding dress.Beautiful.It's great to see a blogger sharing her passion and talking about something a little different.You can follow Rachel here.

I always feel really happy writing these posts,I love how positive this community is and I enjoy contributing to it in any way I can.I hope you've enjoyed reading and hopefully you've have lots of late night reading to get through!

Who do you think I should be following? Any recommendations?


Recovery // How to stop weighing yourself.

 via WeHeart It

For years,every morning before I did anything else I would step on the scales like I was consulting a crystal ball."What will my weight be?" and "Will I have a good day today?" ran through my head and those numbers would too for the whole day.My food choices would be affected too,if I went up a pound that must of been because of that nice meal I had last week so I would cut down my intake "just in case".I know not everybody develops Eating Disorders but it's so easy to let that number rule your mind and the relationship you have with your body.Although in some medical circumstances having a Doctor weigh you may be necessary,I think it's best to avoid it as much as possible.Weighing yourself can't really tell you much about your health,it can't tell you about who you are as a person and it certainly isn't a marker for how good or bad you're day is going to be.I think using a scale can sometimes disconnect yourself for your body and base it all around numbers when you are so much more than that. Admittedly I still do slip up sometimes,but I've put together some tips that I've found helpful.

1.I try to keep the scales hidden because then I'm much less likely to get on them.It's a simple case of "out of sight out of mind" but more often than not I find that by the time I think about getting on them, I'm already doing something.If this is too hard to for you to do right now,I'd suggest getting someone you trust to remove them for a while.

2.Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and nice in.If you grab those jeans from the back of the wardrobe (that you know don't fit) it can be all too tempting to step on the scales in order to confirm what you feel about yourself.

3. Realise that your weight isn't necessarily an indicator of your health or well being.People of all sizes can be healthy,chronically ill or anything in between,and they're all worthy of feeling good and happy in themselves.Focus on what your body can do,no matter how small that seems.

4.The scales can't tell you anything but a number.The people in your life are going to know a great deal more about you than a machine.If you're struggling with how you feel then I've found that talking to someone you can trust really helps.I've just said "I'm feeling really conscious about my weight and it sucks" and it's surprising how nice it feels to offload and share your problems with others.

5.Learn to accept that your body is in a constant state of change.In just one day your body is already regenerating and changing in small ways.Natural changes that occur in the body during ageing,pregnancy or illness are likely to affect your weight in someway,so find healthy coping mechanisms to deal with this like practising self care and building positive relationships.

I'm still working on this but telling myself these things regularly is really helping me to change my mindset and keep myself focused on what I want to achieve,which is a healthy view of myself and my body.It might take a while but I've got no doubt it's worth it.I know lots of other people have the same problem too,so I hope you've found this helpful.

What tips do you have to help stay off the scales?


Beauty // SPF Summer Skin care picks

These past few days have been wonderfully warm haven't they? I hope you've all been enjoying the weather.I've been trying to make the most of it by spending as much time basking in the sunshine as possible! This week I've really been making sure to include products that contain SPF in order to avoid that lobster red look.I wish I was able to get a golden tan like some people,but until then I'll stick to these as I've found these have really helped to keep my skin in check.

I've been applying this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock religiously since it started getting warmer and I love that I can use it on my face without breaking out as it is oil free and non comedogenic (doesn't clog pores) I picked it up from the 99p store and it's the highest SPF factor that I've been able to find (let me know if you have seen any higher!) It sinks into the skin easily but it is quite slow to absorb so I'd definitely wait 5 minutes before getting dressed etc..I've used some sunscreens that have left my face looking like an oil slick,but with this one I can apply foundation over it and still have a completely matte finish.

This Holika Holika Petit BB Cream in Moisturising  is really great for those sunny days where you want to wear lighter make up and let your skin breathe.It's SPF 30 and its creamy formulation is amazing for sorting out tired dry skin whilst giving a medium coverage.I've got very pale skin and I found this to be a good match,despite looking quite orange in the tube it leaves my skin looking even and lessens the look of my pores.I wrote a full review a little while back which you can read here

As a 00's teenage girl,I was an huge fan of the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse,but as I got into my 20's I found that I wanted a foundation that offered a more coverage and was more suited to my skin tone.I've been using Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation in Light Vanilla (as you can see from the tatty much loved packaging!) It's £10.99 which is quite expensive compared to my budget buys,but as foundation can make such a difference I'm happy to pay it.It contains SPF 10 and has various pigments (yellow,red and green) to help combat dark circles,dull complexion and redness.It does cover light pimples and scarring,but if you're having a breakout you might need to apply some heavy duty concelear to add a little more coverage.One thing I've noticed is that it does stay on for a good few hours,a little swirl of powder is all that is needed to set this for most of the day.I could stand to go a shade paler (they don't do it!) but I love how it feels light and natural on my skin.If you're after a long lasting and medium coverage foundation then I'd really recommend it.

Although I've got my trusty skincare routine to help keep my freckles safe and the wrinkles at bay,I'm really struggling to find a foundation for pale freckly skin!

Does anybody have any recommendations?


Lifestyle // Why I love Selfies

A collection of Selfies from 2014 so far!

Selfie was the "Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year for 2013 and is defined as "a photograph that one has taken of oneself,typically on a smartphone and uploaded to social media".A quick scroll of Instagram,Twitter or Facebook shows you how popular the Selfie has become and I can see why! It's an easily accessible way to have fun and share your day with others.People have been taking photographs for entertainment for years,so it makes sense that it moves along with the rest of technology!

In a world where people are often shamed by the media for the way they look,I think it's great that we can portray ourselves as and when we want to and control our online image.Although validation shouldn't be sought purely based on appearance or what others think,it's a lovely confidence boost to receive feedback and comments on your latest photo.The power of the Selfie has even helped raise 8 million pounds for Cancer Research. I love how Selfies give us a peek into a person's life and day,there's no better way to find out what a person's like than looking through their Instagram feed! Also we have Selfies to thanks for such funny Internet entertainment as The Selfie Olympics and this infamous song which confirms my struggles "Can you guys help me pick a filter? I don't know if I should go with XX Pro or Valencia".

Of course there is a time and a place for everything and I definitely wouldn't recommend taking Selfies in the Office,but I really enjoy seeing people improve their self image and gain the confidence to be able to share their photographs.It can take a lot of courage to say "this is who I am and what I look like".I for one am always going to take Selfies as they're a great way to unwind and explore new ideas.I mean look at the 86 year old lady on Instagram known as Baddie Winkle,it's my goal to be like her when I'm that age.

What's your opinion on Selfies? Do you enjoy taking them?


Poundland bargains // My £2 Poundland acne busting duo

I can always tell when "that time of the month" is coming because I always seem to get the same spots in the same place! They always seem to be in really obvious places too,like on the end of my nose.They're never just small blemishes either,but the under the skin kind that can take forever to go away.So short of going into work with a "yes I have a spot and please don't look at it" sign,I grabbed the two products I always bring out when I need to reduce redness and spot size quickly.

I'm always reading about how people can spend loads on high end products and get great results,but I picked these up from Poundland for £1 each,and I'm really impressed with how hard they've been working.On first appearances,I think they look quite similar to Clearasil products,which also work quite well on my skin.I use the Cleansing Face Wash every morning and evening and what I really love about this product is how it doesn't leave any residue behind,it just makes my skin feel really clean without stripping it of any of it's natural oils.I use the Purifying Face Scrub 2 or 3 times a week to give my pores a really deep clean and help to prevent spots from coming back. I've used some facial scrubs before that have left my sensitive combination skin looking really inflamed,but this formulation contains "micro beads" to clear the skin gently. When I use these products together,the first thing I notice is a reduction in the size of the blemishes,they look much less noticeable and sore,which is a great confidence boost.

I love how luxurious and creamy these products feel on my skin! I like to grab a hot wash cloth to place on my face to open up my pores to really help these products to work,sort of like a home spa experience (where are my eye cucumbers!) The Salicylic Acid also helps to remove excess skin cells and leave your skin looking more even and hopefully prevent blemishes.

A few days ago I had so many sore red spots on my t-zone and nose,which were not only pretty painful but also impossible to do anything to,but these products really helped ease the discomfort and tighten up my pores.Obviously these aren't a miracle cure but I'm so happy that I've found a budget range for acne prone skin of any type.It does feel nice to not have to painstakingly apply concealer and just go out with a little BB cream on.Fingers crossed it stays like this!

What tips do you have to prevent breakouts?

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Blogging // The New WhimsicalMrsW schedule

via Weheartit

Hello guys! I hope you're all having a lovely day.I've been spending the morning creating posts and reading blogging tutorials in order to make WhimsicalMrsW what I want it to be.I've decided that I'm going to try to make this blog appear more organised and put together than the thoughts in my head! Also,I enjoy reading blogs that publish content at similar times each week,so why wouldn't I want that for my blog? I've decided on an every other day rota,so that I have enough time to get ideas together and give you the best writing I've got.It also fits really well around my work life too,so it's a win win!

New schedule for WhimsicalMrsW

I haven't got to the stage where I post particular subjects on certain days (let's not run before I can walk) and I might not ever decide on that,but I already feel like this will help me get some kind of system going.

Do you have a schedule or are you more of a "blog as you go" blogger?

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Lifestyle // Our Wedding Day FAQ

I can't believe that I've been married to the love of my life for 5 months now,that time definitely seems to have flown by! We were talking about where we'd like to go for my birthday and our 1st year wedding anniversary (Paris perhaps-eek!) and that got me thinking that I'd love to share our special day with you all.It was so surreal and I was so incredibly anxious,but my advice is to just breathe and enjoy it! It always seems so much more nerve wracking before you do it,but it's a fantastic feeling to realise that you're now part of a fantastic team for life.So here we go,here is all of the FAQ that I've got from our wedding day.Be ready for lots of pictures.

How long had you been in a relationship/engaged before you got married?

We started a relationship on November 21st 2010
We got engaged on November 22nd 2011 (my 20th birthday)
We became Husband and Wife on 23rd November 2013

I think there must be something about November for us! We had been together for 3 years from the start of the relationship to marriage,and I think that was a great amount of time to get to know each other and our strengths and weaknesses.We definitely bring the best out in each other.

Where and when did you get married?

We got married at 2pm in our village church on 23rd November 2013.It had so much significance to me as so many members of my family have been married here.We had quite a few meetings with the vicar before the ceremony so that we could discuss exactly what we wanted.We couldn't have wished for a more intimate and personal service.We had around 50 people attend the service and an extra few in the evening.

Did you decide on a theme?

I must have changed my mind a billion times! I scoured through so many wedding forums and magazines looking for the perfect colour scheme and it was really stressful! After much thought,we decided on a blue and white Winter wonderland theme,this was perfect for us as we are both extremely pale and much prefer the Winter when you can stay in with a warm cup of tea.Our wedding was full of fairy lights,deep midnight blues and sparkle.It's the only day that I get to wear a big white dress and overdo the glitter so I made the most of it!

What about your hair and make up?

Luckily,my Cousin is studying hair and make up at college and needed someone to practice on! She was so understanding and couldn't do enough for me.After hours of sitting in my Grandparent's kitchen testing out foundations and rollers,we decided upon a simple smokey eye and loose curls.The added bonus was that all of the make up she had was perfect for photographs and professional work,so it lasted all day! I loved having her do my hair and make up because I really trusted her to do a good job,and it meant more having someone I care about help me out.

Who did you pick to be your bridesmaids?

I chose my cousin (2nd left) and my now Sister-in law (1st right) and then my other two little Sister-in-laws (Far left & right) This was a great set up actually because there were two older teenagers to look after the children,but they were all so wonderful! They helped me to lift up my dress when I needed it and even helped me to the bathroom (so glamourous!).As my husbands Dad and his wife live hundreds of miles away,I didn't see the younger girl's outfits until the day,but didn't they do a fantastic job! To save any confusion,both of my husbands parents have remarried so there is children on both sides.

Who gave you away?

I had the honour of being given away by my wonderful Granddad.I was bought up without a Dad and and I'm an only child,so I spent a lot of time over my Grandparent's house growing up,as they only lived over the road.I completely worshipped the ground my Granddad walked on (and still do) and he couldn't have done a better job at being a fantastic role model.He's an incredibly anxious and private person,but it made me so happy to see him so proud,and he even gave a speech which turned me into a blubbering wreck.

Where did you have the reception?

We had the reception at our local golf and country club that were able to offer us a really budget friendly package.We wanted the evening to be a mix of more formal traditions with a laid back feel,so we decided to put on a 3 course meal with drinks on their arrival and then bacon baps in the evening! Everyone was already really full from the roast with all the trimmings,so that went down really well. Entertainment wise we went for a good old fashion disco complete with classics like "YMCA" and "oops upside your head".To get everyone on the floor,hubby's Uncle who is a musician led some Ceilidh dancing which really got people chatting and having fun! I made sure to join in,but I had one of my bridesmaids follow me around to make sure I didn't fall.

What was your First Dance song?

I had already chosen the day we got engaged! It was always going to be Wonderwall by Oasis.As I've mentioned before here,I've known hubby since we were teenagers and I spent most of those years trying to impress him.He would always put this on the jukebox at the local pub and forever since it always reminded me of him.I couldn't believe that I was actually dancing with him as Husband and Wife.The lyrics certainly rang true,"I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now".We had so much fun singing the lyrics amongst the camera flashes and weepy relatives.

What type of cake did you have?

We had a traditional 3 tiered iced cake that was made by my lovely Great Auntie.We decided upon vanilla sponge because we're not great fans of fruit cake,but the top tier was fruit.This is because traditionally,the top tier is sometimes kept for the christening of the first child and I didn't want a mouldy sponge cake sat in the cupboard.It was decorated with some beautiful icing snowflakes and wrapped up in blue ribbons with a little Bride and Groom on top.It fit in with our theme wonderfully!

                                                         Were your flowers real?

No they weren't,I can get really bad hay fever so I thought that it would be much better to save my eyes for the emotions.Also,the cost of fresh flowers can really mount up,especially as it was Winter and a lot of flowers would be out of season.My Auntie who is very handy with crafts offered to make it for me,so we went along to a few shops that sell craft supplies like Dunelm Mill and Hobby craft and collected diamante pins and beautiful roses to make this really budget friendly bouquet.

I've really enjoyed sharing this with you and it's been so fun to relive all of these wonderful memories.I love reading about people's engagement and wedding stories,so it's been different to write about it from the other side.It's was a pretty intense day filled with lots of memories,so if I've missed anything that you'd like to know,just ask and I'd be happy to do a part two!

Did you/do you  have a theme if you're getting/ already married?

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Lifestyle // Bloggers you should be following Part 1

There's nothing I love more than heading over to Bloglovin' armed with a cup of tea to see what's new in the Blogosphere.I get so many great ideas and inspiration from everyone's stories and I'm always finding great new blogs on Twitter. I've virtually met so many lovely people via social media and I love interacting with every one of them,but I've compiled a list of bloggers who really brighten up my feed with their excellent writing and fresh take on life.

If you love all things vintage,adorable cats and cruelty free then you'll love Tiny Grey cat which is written by the lovely Lily.Her openness about the reality of recovering from cancer is really thought provoking and brave as you can see here and here.As an avid tea and coffee drinker,I love the Mugshot Monday posts she writes,showcasing her collection of interesting and very quirky cups full of stories.Her cats Soldier and Trobadour (I had to google that,apparently its a medieval French Poet) are ridiculously cute and how awesome are their names? I love the whole rockabilly vintage look that she's got going on and,I really look forward to reading more about her style! 

I only discovered this blog run by Joelle yesterday but I'm so glad I did,it's a great mix of fashion,comedy and sh*t she doesn't care about.Her post about her top 10 Bebo memories really took me back and gave me a good laugh,she definitely says what we're all thinking.I love how her blog is separated into sections (very organised!) and there is some wonderful tips and advice amongst the funny stuff.There's a lot on this blog that I've never seen before such as her post on funny spam comments and blogger encouragement,so you'll definitely find something on here for you!

The first thing that caught my eye about Twenty Something Sherbet / Dear Ms.Leigh was how creative and pretty her about me page was,and that's only the start.If you're into crafts then Rachael's handiwork will give you some great inspiration.I particularly love this Michigan State Map and Angel of the North cross stitch.I love reading about her adventures as an English lady living in Michigan,USA and she even went on a quest to find some good fish and chips. Her pictures are so beautiful and a world away from what I'm used to,so I love heading over to her blog for some escapism! 

If you aren't following this lovely ladies already then I would definitely head over to their blogs now and click follow! They're all really supportive and their content is so well written that you'll never want to get off Bloglovin'.I've really enjoyed writing about other bloggers and I'm making this part of a series to celebrate all of the great achievements and people in the blogging community.So watch this space for more 

Who would you recommend that I follow?

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