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This week has been a crazy whirlwind of work,housework, and the kind of period that that only Cadbury's can fix (not that I'm complaining,yay recovery!) Thankfully things have calmed down a bit now, and I got out for a few hours to browse my local charity shops and car boot sale.Don't you just love it when you find exactly what you want for a fraction of the price? I've been unsuccessful with my shopping trips recently,but I've managed to pick up a few gems that I'd love to share with you.

I've seen this gorgeous looking cookbook from The Hummingbird Bakery retailing at Waterstones for £13, so I'm so happy I managed to pick this up in a charity shop for only £2.I have a massive sweet tooth and I'm always looking for new treats to bake and discover,even if they don't quite look like the beautiful cakes in the book.The photography and styling is so pretty,there's some definite photo inspiration here.I'm trying to build up a little cookbook collection and I think this book is a great one to add to my repertoire,I especially want to try the Green Tea cupcakes!

Car boot sales are an untapped resource for hidden treasures on a budget,so they're a great place to go if you love a bit of haggling or you're after a bargain.This Werthers toffee tin really caught my eye,I love the bright picture postcard design that instantly takes me back to my childhood.I think everyone's grandparents or elderly relatives have had these sweets on them at some point! I'm always looking for boxes and cases to store my bits and bobs in, and this was only 50p so I snapped it up.I was thinking I could use it to store my many USB cables,trying to find those is like looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes.

These gorgeous shoes are definitely the icing on my shopping cake! I'd been looking for some mid height
black heels that I could pair with anything,and still be able to walk in them at the end of the night.I've never owned a pair of "high end" brand shoes before and these are Kurt Geiger and they were in my size! I think the shoe gods were looking down on me.They are so comfortable and they don't really look like they've been worn very much,a quick scrub and they should be good as new! I'm so glad I carried on looking as I'd almost lost hope amongst the pairs of '80s trainers and mismatched boots.The bonus is they were only £1! A quid! 

Now that Car Boot sale season is in full swing,I'm definitely going to make sure I go to a few.I'd suggest getting there quite early though,because some people were already packing away by 11am.I'm hoping to build more of an autumn/winter wardrobe without breaking the bank too much! Luckily,there seems to be quite a few car boot sales down here,so I'll keep my eye open.

Do you ever go charity shopping or to car boot sales? What has been your most loved bargain?


  1. Great Bargains! I also enjoy going to boot sales and looking round charity shops, you never know what you will find but can always guarantee finding a bargain :)

  2. I think that's the best part to be honest! It's a bit more interesting than rows of the same things all the time.x

  3. That cookbook is a steal for £2! The hunting is why I love going to estate and yard sales here in the US - you never know what you might find - some are really hit and miss but it's worth the hunt when you score something amazing!

  4. I completely agree! You never know what you might find.I'm sure they're even bigger and better in the states too :) xx

  5. I have that cookbook and it is SO good! I have made some of the tastiest cupcakes from it!! A great buy!

    Marie X

  6. That's good to know! When I saw it,I grabbed it as fast as could :) x


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