Poundland bargains // Argan oil hair mask review

Being a teenager in the early 00's was awesome as I'm sure anyone around my age would agree.Busted were releasing some amazing jams,Mizz had all the style,beauty and boy information you could want,and GHD's were a staple in many girls beauty arsenal (I was always jealous of people who got the "limited edition" pink ones).I must have spent hours meticulously straightening my wavy hair into oblivion.As much as I loved the look then,years of frying my hair with no heat protection has left it looking a little worse for wear.It's much healthier now that I keep blow drying to a minimum though ,and I've been using this brilliant mask which has made a massive difference to the texture and look of my hair.

 Argan oil seems to be a bit of a beauty buzzword these days thanks to it's natural moisturising properties and antioxidants,you can see why it's often called "liquid gold".I'm happy that I can get involved too as Poundland currently offer a few different argan oil products for those of us on a budget.This pot contains 220ml of product in a sturdy plastic tub so not only is it butter fingers friendly,it's also a pretty cost effective way to perk up your hair.

I absolutely love the thick creme texture that glides onto my hair and really coats the problem areas,it feels like a very luxurious deep conditioning treatment.You don't need much either,I have quite long hair and I use about a 20p sized blob.I like to make it work a little harder by popping a shower cap on and letting it warm up.The scent is hard to describe but I'd say it smells very "professional salon quality" if you know what I mean,like those fancy products that hairdressers use.The directions suggest leaving it on for 7-10 minutes to let it soak in,but that's actually easy to do as it doesn't drip everywhere or irritate my skin.

After washing my hair thoroughly and blow drying,it feels so much healthier and in better condition.The ends are much less brittle and it has that after salon bounce to it! It hasn't weighed my hair down or left it feeling greasy,which was a concern for me with it being an oil based product.I think this mask could really give high end hair treatments a run for their money! I'm amazed that a budget product can offer these results.I'm definitely going to be repurchasing this.

Have you tried Argan oil products? What hair masks do you enjoy using?

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  1. What a bargain for just a pound! I'm surprised it didn't make your hair greasy as that is always one of my top concerns when using hair products like this - I might have to check this out on my next trip into town :) x


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