Lifestyle // Tuesday Treasures #2

Here's the second edition in my Tuesday Treasures series and I'm sharing my latest Internet favorites with you all! I'm always super excited to make new discoveries,so here are the newest bits and bobs that I've been watching,reading,wanting and laughing at.

After binge watching season 2 of Orange Is The New Black, I'd been looking for a gritty comedy-drama to watch to fill the Netflix void.Like most things I've enjoyed watching,I have heard so many great things about this show,and I haven't been dissapointed so far! It's really well written and the actors are so believable.Bryan Cranston plays a troubled middle aged man who gets into a bit of a pickle (I won't spoil it for you!) very well,I've only ever seen him in Malcolm in the Middle,but he is a very versatile actor.I'm a bit slow on the uptake as there are five seasons,but if you're into crime dramas full of suspense and dark comedy then I'd check it out!

I've just discovered some beautiful illustrations by a Mexican artist called Ilse Valfre and I'm really glad I came across her work! I love quirky illustrations,and these adorable and wonderfully drawn characters are really striking.I'm looking to buy some art so it's great that she has an online store where you can buy clothes,accessories and prints all covered in her offbeat style.

When I scroll through Instagram,I definitely notice a bit of a pattern going on! I've seen a Starbucks cup have tons of like before,throw in a cute cat and artsy food shots,and you're a fully fledged IG addict! Satiregram is an account full of witty sentences about our favourite and most cliched Instagram snaps.

This beautiful bunting necklace is just too adorable for words! I love subtle jewellery that you can wear with everything,and this is a great budget piece at only £12.You can buy it from Ji Ji Kiki which is an awesome independent online store selling wonderful vintage bits and bobs.I had the pleasure of hearing Emma,the lovely owner of this shop give a talk at the South West Blog Social,she's so genuine and hard working!

I don't really know how I'd describe my interior design style,but I love anything cute,vintage and completely unnecessary! I've seen little deer figurines all over the internet and on blogs recently,and I think they would add a lovely touch of kitsch to any home.I reckon I'd be able to find some in a charity shop,that's going to be my next mission.

There's more!

If you need any proof that elephants are awesome,here are 22 photos of them making the world a better place.
I keep wanting to play the indie horror game Slender, but I keep chickening out! Has anyone had a go? I'm a big fan of first person survival games.
This hilarious video by Brett Domino will show you how to make a pop hit song
SimplyNoise is a great site that plays white,pink or brown noise which is great to relax your mind or help you concentrate.
Taking myself back to my tween and teen years with 31 things that always got '00s girls in trouble.I think I was surgically attached to my GHD's.

What are you loving this week? I'd love some more things to check out!


  1. That necklace is super cute. And Breaking Bad!!!! Good luck getting anything done once starting it. It's so addicting!!!

  2. Haha I've just watched the first couple of episodes and they're so good! I have to limit myself to one a night I think :) x

  3. Such a delightful post, Kim! Not going to lie, I scrolled through satiregram for a while there... How terribly sad this technological age is, eh? What has it done to humanity? haha. xx


  4. Thank you :) I agree haha although I must say that I'm guilty of a few! Instagram can be very addictive! xx

  5. Fab post! I need that bunting necklace in my life haha! x

  6. Thanks! It's lovely isn't it? x


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