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There's nothing better than the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning,it really helps set me up for the day and I wouldn't be without my daily cup.If my finances could stretch I think I would visit Starbucks daily (so ready for gingerbread lattes!) ,but I'll settle for my favourite mug and a splash of milk and sugar.I live in an area that is really big on supporting indie brands,so I was really happy that the lovely people at Black Sheep Coffee sent me some ground coffee to sample.

I really enjoy using posh ground coffee in the cafetiere,it's all very fancy and novel to me as I've only recently discovered these! If only I had one of those milk frothers then I could have the full experience.Of course,no morning cup of coffee would be complete without a few biscuits for dunking.Anyway on to the main event,I thought I'd start writing reviews in a Q&A format so that they're easy to read and so that I don't forget the little details.

Who are Black Sheep Coffee?

Black Sheep Coffee are a London based company who pride themselves on offering high quality coffee at a reasonable price.They encourage people to "leave the heard behind" and enjoy a more flavourful and exciting coffee experience.

What products do they offer?

They sell ground and whole bean coffee priced at between £5.40-£6.40 per 227g.You can even buy 1kg of their coffee beans if you're serious about your caffeine habits.I think they're pretty good value as you could easily spend more than this on a couple of drinks at a coffee house. They even sell Black Sheep coffee t shirts so you can wear your love for all things java too!

What did you think of the coffee you tried?

I sampled the Robusta Revival ground beans (which you can buy here) and I was very impressed with how rich and deep the flavours were.I'm usually more of a instant coffee drinker, but I really enjoyed taking the time to make a more luxurious cup of coffee.It has a wonderfully smooth finish and it's very drinkable,I  love that the kitchen smells absolutely gorgeous now.These particular beans contain around twice as much caffeine as normal Arabica beans so if I wasn't awake earlier on,I am now! I'd say this would be the coffee to buy if you're a regular coffee drinker who is looking to get more out of their morning drink.

What else would you like to see from Black Sheep Coffee?

One thing I'm very impressed with is their social media interaction,sites like Twitter and Instagram are great ways to communicate with coffee lovers,and I think that will only stand them in good stead.I would love to see them release even more products,perhaps a caffiene free coffee for the evenings, or for those who aren't able to drink it.

I'm really glad I discovered this brand on Twitter.What's your go-to coffee order? I'm a latte girl myself.


  1. This sounds really nice. I am really loving iced coffee at the moment but I am looking forward to returning to lattes etc in the autumn. :)

  2. Can't stand the taste of coffee meself but I absolutely love your Sesame Street mug! :-) xx

  3. haha thanks! I've got quite a collection going on :) and I'm partial to a latte myself! xx


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