Food // 2 ingredient Virgin Pina Colada Lollies

If you like Pina Coladas,and getting caught in the rain then today is probably quite a good day for you as we seem to have had all four seasons the past couple of days! I was after something to relieve my wisdom tooth pain (why do we even have these?) that still tastes good.I mean clove oil is working well, but it's no dessert.I decided to go with a simple lolly recipe made with pineapple which is good for reducing inflammation,and coconut milk which contains an antiviral and antibacterial compound called monolaurin.

I can't get over how adorable this lolly molds from Poundland are,when I was a child I remember those ones with the little straw so you could sip the juice,ahh the 90's.These are really simple to make,and as I bought the cheapest ingredients they only work out at around 49p per lolly,which is much cheaper than a Magnum.I know they don't look the most appetising right now,but neither do kebabs and they're fricking gorgeous.Trust me,they're going to taste awesome.I love everything tropical,so I'm going to pretend I'm in the Caribbean and not overcast Devon.Here's a quick how-to on how I made them.

For 6 lollies you'll need

carton Pineapple juice
pouch of coconut milk

I filled each mold with a mixture of half pineapple juice and half of the coconut milk,making sure to leave a little gap at the top so that it doesn't overflow when it freezes.Coconut milk can have lumps of coconut cream in it,but you can just stir this in or leave it for some texture.texture. I've found these take around 6 hours to fully freeze and then you're good to go.I'm sure it would taste really good with some pineapple or other fruit chunks in there too.

Here's the finished result! I'm really happy with how they turned out,although I'm still partial to a Zap lolly now and again.

What ice lollies are you enjoying this Summer?


  1. Great Idea, I've been having pineapple and coconut slushies a lot lately, I love the taste of pina coladas - just sometimes I'd prefer them without the alcohol! I mighty ave to make some of these ice lollies or even ice cubes!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic

  2. Yum looks delicious and love the lolly holder! Will need to find that at poundland xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. They're really good! I think I'm going to see what other types I can make.I'ts a bit frustrating getting them out when they're frozen,but a bit of hot water does the trick.xx

  4. That is an awesome idea and I never knew about the natural properties of pineapple or coconut neither. I was all about clove oil for my wisdom teeth, that and pain killers, also you can massage along the top of your jaw line, that sometimes help.

  5. I think the bf might like these, he gets terrible wisdom tooth pain. It's been years since I made my own ice lollies, I think I need to take myself to the shop and get a lolly maker :)

  6. These look delicious, I think we have a lolly holder buried in the depths of the cupboard somewhere, so am going to have to dig it out to make these!

    And zaps are my absolute favourite - that and a bit of Nobbly Bobbly too!

  7. Thanks for all the comments guys! I have found that these are making a difference and the cold numbs it too which helps :) It's nice to know I'm not alone with the wisdom tooth pain.I'm getting all nostalgic for childhood ice lollies now,I used to love those screwball ice creams with the bubblegum at the bottom! xx


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