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My skin changes from one day to the next,so I'm never sure what I'm going to wake up to! In the likely event that a few spots will have appeared,I like to keep a couple of fail-safe products in my collection to help clear my skin gently and quickly. I've been using these for a while now and I'm really pleased with how they've worked for my skin.There are so many expensive washes for acne prone faces out there,but I think if you look around you can find products to suit any budget,especially now that cheaper stores are everywhere.I managed to pick these up from the 99p store whilst browsing around town.

I was drawn to this Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash because I love the smell of Pink Grapefruit,it's so energising and zesty which is perfect a refreshing morning wake up.I was concerned that it might leave my skin feeling tight and dry because it's acidic,but it has a gentle gel formulation which doesn't leave any residue or affect my skin.If you suffer with enlarged pores and spots around the t-zone like I often do, I'd really recommend this because since using it I've found that the area is much smoother and free from breakouts.It contains Salicylic acid which is effective at reducing inflammation and works to keep pores free from the build up that can encourage acne.I like to use a hot washcloth to open up my pores before applying as I think it helps it soak into my skin, followed by a cold blast of water afterwards to close my pores (it definitely wakes me up too!) Apparently, it's boosted by "MicroClear" technology,but I'm not too sure if that makes a difference as it sounds like one of those skincare buzzwords to me! Words aside,I'm really enjoying using this wash and I've seen a good improvement in my skin tone and texture.

In my lifetime I think I've had about every kind of acne you could imagine,but none as bad as the dreaded "bacne" or back acne.Although it's calmed down now that I'm in my twenties,I'm still prone to getting sore under the skin spots on the top of my back.You know the kind that you can't pop and never seem to leave? Well I'm intending to wear cute tops this Summer, so I had been looking for a body wash that would leave my skin acne free and smelling good.That's where this T-zone Revitalising Body Wash comes in! I haven't used T-zone products since I was a teenager,but I've been pleasantly surprised by how good they still are.You only need to use a 50p sized blob as it lathers up really well and it fills the bathroom with a fresh peppermint scent.It also contains tea tree oil which is well known for being an antiseptic and helping to prevent breakouts.I like to apply this to a bath lily (or bath poof, whatever you want to call it!) and really work the product into my skin,it feels so soft and clean afterwards.afterwards. I've been using this  every morning for just over two weeks and I've noticed that the areas normally affected are much less inflamed and sore,it's surprising what a difference it's made to how I feel about myself.

Although there's nothing wrong with buying high end brands,if you often walk past budget stores,I'd really suggest going in and seeing what they have to offer. I've noticed that many pound shops have the same products,but they're often a foreign version,so if you are a brand lover you might find one of your favourites in there.These products are really working well for me,so I'd definitely suggest you pop in to the 99p store and have a look.

What do you use for breakouts? Does the toothpaste trick really work?


  1. Hello,
    I normally use toothpaste on my spots as I find toothpaste really dries the spots up. I love places like Poundland as like you said, you can find branded products in there. Great post. xx

  2. Thanks! I've used toothpaste a couple of time but I don't think I let it dry enough,some people swear by it.I'm always popping in cheaper stores to see what's going on.xx

  3. Quinoderm- gets rid of spots completely in under a week, seriously. My brother had severe acne, its gone now, and every time I get a break up it makes them go down in a day to redness, and then within 3-4 days of using it three times a day it is gone completely! it is amazing!

    1. I can second that! Quinoderm works wonders! I suffer from acne-prone skin and Quinoderm is the only product that can control and reduce my breakouts, I swear by the stuff!

  4. I've seen Quinoderm on Amazon before and it looks like a really popular product & not too expensive either.Thanks for the recommendation,I'm always after quick skin fixes.xx


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