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Lately I've been trying to get rid of all of the clothes I've acquired over the years that I don't wear anymore (I'm looking at you circle belt from 2005!), in the hopes of trying to create a more classic neutral wardrobe that's easy to style.I'm not the sort of person that has the patience to faff around with a complicated look,but I enjoy adding extra touches to make my outfit feel a bit special.I'm always looking for new accessories to add my collection because they're a cheap way of updating my outfit,and there's something about a beautiful piece of jewellery that brings a smile to my face! I was lucky enough to receive these items from Black & White boutique to review and I'm really excited to share them with you.

I always struggle with bracelets and watches because of my child sized hands (I lose out when sharing popcorn!) but this beautiful watch is so comfortable and can be adjusted to fit perfectly.There are so many designs to choose,from anchors to aztec prints and they're all under £20,which considering the price of some watches is very reasonable.This one caught my eye because it reminds me of candy canes,I love the subtle pastel design, and I think it will become a much loved piece! It's from their elegance range and it's currently on sale for £14.99.

These stackable bracelets have a really lovely boho feel to them,they'd be a perfect accessory for a flowing summer skirt and beachy hair.They're really easy to wear, and I love that you can layer them up and restyle them depending on your outfit.I've bought similar bracelets like this off Ebay,and although they were cheap,they felt very flimsy and like they could break in any second! These are really sturdy with easy to use clasps,and they feel really well made.I love the vivid purple colour and the little charms are so cute.We've got an anchor,an owl and and an infinity symbol,all of which seem like very popular prints this Summer (especially infinity symbols, which seemed to come out of nowhere!) This one is part of their Integrity range and is £12.99

I'm always looking for companies that sell affordable products,but with that it does make me think about their morals and ethics.Luckily,Black and White Boutique are making every effort to ensure that their products are ethical and support the Fair Trade industry.I love the names of their pieces too,"equality","elegance" and "integrity" to name but a few,I feel like every aspect of their creations was given a lot of thought.I was blown away by the shipping prices, delivery to the UK is only £1.50 and outside of Europe it's £3.65,so if you're like me and are always adding things to the basket only to delete when you realise shipping is £5+ then I'd head over to their site and see if there's anything that takes your fancy!

What jewellery are you loving right now?


  1. I need to sort my wardrobe out soon, I'm terrible at hoarding things! That watch is absolutely gorgeous, love the candy stripes and that cute pink shade :) xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  2. I have child sized hands too so i can definitely sympathise with your accessories struggle;p These look beautiful though :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  3. Thanks guys,I always think "I might need that one day" and the situation never comes up.If any companies are listening,I'd suggest a range for petite wrists! I'm wearing that watch right now and it's so comfy,I think this is the longest amount of time I've worn a watch for haha.xx

  4. I love the owl bracelet (=


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  5. It's a good thing to sort your wardrobe from time to time. I wish I could take my own advice because it seems everything suddenly becomes necessary the second I decide to take some things away from my wardrobe! I believe I'm not alone in this. Anyway, I like your watch and thanks for the site link :)


  6. That watch is SO gorgeous, such a lovely colour and the stripes too!

  7. Love the watch!! So cute for the summer! xx


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