Recovery // Sunday Support Series #1

So today marks the first post in my Sunday Support series where I answer any questions or queries that people have given me over on my Ask.fm. Ignoring the question that I got enquiring about wedgies,I got a couple of questions on body image and eating disorders that I've taken the time to answer.I think lots of people feel the same too,so hopefully lots of people can draw something from the answers.

Q1. What books/websites/tools did you find helpful while recovering from your eating disorder?


The Youreatopia forums and resources really helped me focus on my recovery and regain both my physical and mental health.In today's diet culture and fatphobic society,recovering from eating disorders can be so draining and feel near impossible. Youreatopia offers clear and easy to understand scientific information regarding recovery,weight and mental health.The website (which has been awarded "top 50 emotional eating websites 2013") advocates eating your minimum calorie intake which may be 2500+ and explains how everyone has
their own set point weight range that your body likes to be in.It's very hard to get your head around,but I've been maintaining my optimal weight on about 3000 calories and food doesn't even cross my mind anymore (of course there are bad times) I would really recommend checking it out here.It's basically all about learning to trust yourself and your body.

The Doctor

If you are struggling with an eating disorder of any kind,no matter what your size or age is,or how long you've had it for,then I'd strongly recommend visiting your Doctor.They can monitor your health and refer you to any therapy or other groups that you might feel you need.

Q2.I've never liked myself,but lately it's developed into a serious problem.I feel stressed and anxious about getting dressed everyday, and I worry how I look before I leave the house.It's making me not able to enjoy much anyway because I feel so ugly.Do you know anyway I could try and change this? xx

I completely understand where you are coming from as this is something that I still struggle with too,so just know that you're not alone.What has helped me is realising that you can never see yourself as what you truly are.A mirror gives a reflected image and photographs only give you a snapshot in time,so you will never see what other people see.Wearing comfortable clothing in the right size can go a long way into improving your mood and making you feel more able to carry out everyday tasks.There's nothing worse than wearing something too tight and then fixating on your body all day. I've cut out the size tags before as well if I found that the number was bothering me.Finally, please remember that your size,shape and appearance have no bearing on who you are.You are a whole person with feeling,thoughts and experiences that clothes sizes and the scales are never going to measure.

I think that Ask.fm is a good way to get your questions to me as some people don't feel comfortable with people knowing their name and I'm definitely going to include this a regular feature.feature. I've really enjoyed answering your questions and I would love more for next week! I'm happy to talk about anything but the areas that I know most about personally are eating disorders,bullying,family concerns,body image and general mental health.

I look forward to receiving more questions and remember there's no problem too big or small that I wouldn't like to help you with :)


  1. What a beautiful, inspirational post. Thank you! I'm sure this'll become sooo useful for people out there struggling with this kind of thing.xxx

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. This is a great idea! I think it's nice to provide people with a place to ask questions anonymously, plus you can always ignore the weird ones!

  3. I'm glad you all like it! I'm really happy that I'm able to share my experiences and hopefully help out anyone who's struggling too.xx

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  5. Thanks for doing posts like this! I'm sure a lot of people will find it really helpful xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  6. No problem! :) I'm really glad people enjoy reading them.xx


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