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There's nothing nicer than the feel of a face mask doing it's magic and wiping away the days make up and stress.That's why I'm very happy to share with you these Timeless Truth masks that I was sent to review.I've been trying to include more masks in my beauty routine because I'm lazy,and I love anything that I don't have to fuss over and it means I can watch Netflix at the same time!

I love that they come with a little booklet which details all the information about the masks they offer,they've definitely thought this through! These sheet masks come in individual pouches and retail on thebeautymask anywhere from £4.95 to £7.65 each.This seems a little pricey,but they do focus on using high quality ingredients to create the "ultimate mask experience"

Miracle Rejuvenation Mask  £6.45 *

I thought I'd start with the mask that I enjoyed the most,which is targeted towards dry,ageing or  pigmented skin.This is the first mask I've used that has really clever ear hooks to allow the mask to stay in place-genius! As with all the masks,it's heavily saturated with serum that sinks into the sink easily and feels very nourishing.It contains a wide range of useful ingredients including m-Tranexamic acid to help fight inflammation,Argireline to reduce lines and Salicylic Acid,which I love as it's a really effective spot fighter and manages to reduce my pores.I kept this on for 15 minutes before removing it and my skin felt wonderful afterwards and very "glowy".I think this would be a great mask to prep your skin for Summer.

Herbal Rejuvenation Imortelle Mask £4.95 *

I love anything that uses Vitamin E as it works wonders on healing skin and keeping it in good condition.This not only contains Vitamin E, but also incorporates herbal essences and Immortelle Extract to deliver a big moisture hit to ageing and/or dry skin. Apparently, the Immortelle flower is a very versatile plant whose extract can help calm and revive tired skin,although you won't find any in your garden as they're a Mediterranean flower,it's great to have the wonderful benefits of this flower in a handy and easy to use mask.The formula feels very hydrating and leaves my skin feeling really plump and even,so much so that I didn't even wear make up afterwards.I would definitely recommend this mask if you need to give your skin a pick me up,or your suffer from dry,irritated skin.

Bio Cellulose EGF Mask £7.65 *

Honestly,I don't think I'd ever get botox in the future,as tempting as it may be I'd be worried something would go wrong.Saying that, I'm always looking for lotions and potions to help my skin stay looking fresh and renewed,that's why I really enjoyed using this EGF Bio Cellulose Mask which is full of ingredients to aid in collagen production and reduce lines.Hylauronic acid helps the skin hold onto water which means a more youthful and firm complexion, and ECF or "Epidermal Growth Factor" repairs cells and supports their growth.It all sounds very sciency but it really does work to even and soften all of my problem areas.I also noticed that my t-zone wasn't as shiny and my foundation glided on more smoothly than before.

Tip: After removing the mask,I rubbed the sheet over my skin so that any excess serum soaked into my skin and it doubled up as a massage too-bonus!

I've really enjoyed using these masks,I think they'd be great before an event,or just to have a relaxing night in.They're really easy to use and they definitely feel like they have done my skin the world of good.I thought i'd document some of my "ultimate mask experience" with selfies (of course)

I'm really happy with the results,I'm make up free in the last photo,and my skin hasn't felt this good in ages.I suffer with temperamental combination skin that can get irritated quickly,but you wouldn't know! I'm going to try and keep my skin in this condition by drinking lots of water and not relying on make up wipes at the end of the day (bad blogger).Watch this space!

Are face masks a regular part of your beauty routine?

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