South West Blog Social // What I learnt

I had such an amazing time at the South West Blog Social last Saturday,so good in fact that I actually forgot to take many photographs (I'm such a bad blogger haha) I'm so happy that this part of the world is holding such great events,and it was really inspiring to hear wonderful advice on everything from getting published to learning how to accept advertising.It was held at Oddfellows which is a very funky looking "gastropub"just off the beaten track.

It was great to be able to actually meet bloggers in person, it felt quite surreal actually! I managed to find a band of lifestyle bloggers to eat Pizza with and chat about all things blog related.It felt so nice to be able to talk about Twitter chats and post ideas without people looking at me like I have a third eye!

If you're ever in Exeter looking for somewhere to eat or go for a quick drink,I'd definitely recommend Oddfellows. They even cater to the non drinkers amongst us,this mocktail was absolutely gorgeous! It came in a jar too,so it's perfect for Instagram addicts.I'll let the four cheese and chutney pizza speak for itself, I think it was bigger than my head! Not only did I leave with a full stomach, but my head was buzzing with ideas and the wonderful feeling that I'm doing the right thing by following my passion.I think this was a great opportunity to learn more about the world of blogging,and I left with lots of new information.Here's what I took from the day;

1. There's always something to learn

Blogging is a hobby that you can take down many different avenues and there's always something new to learn. I've seen people's amazing photographs from the event, and I'm going to try and improve my photography skills. I've only got a Nikon Coolpix, but I've read some great tutorials online on how to get your pictures up to scratch.

2.Bloggers are as unique and different as their blogs

It was wonderful to see such a variety of people of all ages and from all walks of life.It makes me so happy to think that I'm part of a community that is so accessible and friendly.I was really inspired by all of the interesting and open stories and ideas that were bouncing around the room.

3.It pays to challenge yourself

Honestly,I was really nervous on the train ride over,but I figured I should try to get myself out there and promote what I love and enjoy.Initially I felt quite uncomfortable,but I'm glad I stayed because I met so many wonderful people!

4. Every day is a great opportunity

Saturday made me realise that I should really push myself to seize every opportunity that comes my way. Everyday is an opportunity to ask questions and find inspiration, it might not always come straight away but sometimes a fresh outlook can make all the difference.

5 People can be so generous

This event was kindly organised by Jodie Dewberry over at http://alajode.com/ and supported by many sponsors who provided wonderful goodie bags for us (future post coming!) It must have taken so much hard work and dedication to get this to run without a hitch! Also,I really admire the speakers who offered such wonderful advice and happily answered any questions we had!

I'm definitely going to try to attend as many events as I can,hopefully there will be lots more going on in Devon in the future.It's definitely been an eye opening and fun day,I really hope that the South West Blog Social runs for many more years to come!

Have you been to any blogger events before? Did you enjoy it?


  1. I'm sad that I couldn't go - sounds like a great day. Would have been lovely to meet you in person too! Hoping that there will be more events soon that I can attend x

  2. Would love to go to a blog social! They sound like such great fun!


  3. It was good fun,we'll have to arrange something Lilly,it would be great to meet you! They're definitely worth heading too if there are any in your area.xx

  4. It sounds like a fantastic event. I'm glad you had fun - there's nothing better than meeting up with other bloggers. x x

  5. Wasn't that pizza amazing? I'd go back to The Oddfellows for that alone. The afternoon absolutely sped past and was over much too soon. It was so nice to talk shop with people who understand and it was also lovely to meet you!

  6. I'll second Angela! It was such a fun afternoon and flew by far too fast - the old adage "time flies when you're having fun" was completely true that day! :-) xd

  7. Thanks guys! It was really great meeting you all too,it definitely helped me get out of my comfort zone,and pizza is always an extra bonus to a great day.xx


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