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I regularly find myself trying to find the perfect place to take OOTD's,and I fancied a change from my back garden,so I decided to head to my local woods which is full of beautiful wildflowers and is really peaceful.Also,I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase this Black Cotton Shirt* that Pinpoint clothing kindly sent me to review.They are a new company based in the UK that offer affordable women's fashion for all tastes and occasions.

I picked a size 12/14 (XL) and found that it fit really comfortably,I've always had a problem with shirts being a little baggier on the waist,so I decided to add a skinny belt to cinch in my waist and give me a little more shape.I would really like to see a size guide on the site so that people can refer to that and hopefully pick the best size for them.I'm a big fan of cotton clothing because I find it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and is perfect for keeping cool in the Summer,and this shirt is no exception.I love how breezy and soft it feels when I wear it,I definitely think it's going to be a Summer wardrobe staple even though it's black.As Wednesday Adams said "I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour".

It's a little sheer,but definitely not enough to notice really,if you were feeling self conscious,you could always wear a cami underneath, but just make sure to wear a black bra! I love the ridged texture to the front and the slouchy sleeves,it really perks up what would otherwise be a plain black shirt.I think this would be a perfect outfit to wear for a shopping trip or for a casual lunch as it could be easily dressed up or down.I paired it with some black jeans and my trusty Joe Brown floral pumps to add a bit of colour. It's.It's a really versatile piece though,and it would be a great addition to many outfits.

I have the habit of changing my clothes a couple of times throughout the day because I often get uncomfortable,but I'm still wearing this as I type,so that definitely says something! I'm really happy I came across Pinpoint clothing as the delivery was so quick and they were very helpful and friendly,nothing was too much trouble! This shirt retails at £18.99 and is currently available in sizes 12/14 (XL) and 16/18 (XXL) so if you're after clothes for Summer that don't break the bank I'd really recommend having a look.You can buy the shirt here.

Have you discovered any new companies  recently? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. That's a really pretty top and the location is lovely. x x

  2. Thank you! I thought I'd make the most of it & incorporate some exercise in too.xx


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