Lifestyle // Bloggers you should be following Part 2

 I've decided to extend my Bloggers you should be following series because there are so many fantastic bloggers out there that I feel need mentioning,and I had so much fun writing Part 1 which you can read here.I think interaction and great content are key in creating amazing blogs that keep readers hooked,and these ladies have this in spades! If you're after some new reads for your Bloglovin' feed then look no further.Of course,all of the beautifully designed headers belong to the respective bloggers and designers.

Do you often lament your teenage years when all you had to worry about was perfecting your Myspace angle and how much Harry Potter you could read in one night? Me too.Becky's awesome blog really gives me all the nostalgia feels,I mean look at this amazing post where she revists her emo phase! My 14 year old self is very jealous of those socks.Her style is still just as awesome these days and if you love fun prints,pastels and a little bit of geekery then you will definitely get lots of fashion inspiration here.My favourite look has to be her recent Gingham OOTD.I love everything about it;the jelly shoes,the cute frilly socks.So perfect.Now before I stop waffling on like a crazy fangirl,I would also like to mention that Becky hosts the Monday #fbloggers Twitter chat where I've had some great conversation with her,she comes across as very upbeat and friendly which is just what everyone needs on a Monday! Follow her on Bloglovin' guys.

If you love beautiful photographs of the Countryside and adorable dogs then you will love Life Outside London written by the wonderful Michelle.I love her style of writing,it's like you're round her house having a cup of tea! I'm sure she'd serve you these amazing recipes too.These Cheese and Red Pepper Thingumies (scientific word) look so fresh and easy to make, and don't even get me started on these PB squares.As a fellow Devonian blogger,I really enjoy reading about all the adventures she gets up to in the area,and I'm sure it'll be a great help to holidaymakers who come down here for the Summer.

As you all know from my blog,I'm really into raising awareness and busting misconceptions surrounding mental health,so I'm so happy to share Catherine' awesome blog YouWishYou.I spoke to her over the phone as she's currently working on a feature discussing body image,and she made me feel so comfortable and came across as a very articulate and passionate person,we could all do with some more of that attitude in our lives! Not only that but she also has an amazing fashion sense,and I love her take on the Little Black Dress.Her blog is a great place to go for beauty reviews regardless of your budget,and I really think she will go far in Broadcast Journalism.You can follow Catherine over here 

Now admittedly I only have one tattoo (a hastily chosen but much loved lower back number,yes it is a Butterfly) but the beautiful designs and artists that are shared and discussed over at Illustrated Teacup really make me want to own more artwork.Having a tattoo can be a big decision and I love that Rachel takes the time to explain the negatives and positives of the tattoo world,so that people can make the right decision for themselves.This How to look after your new tattoo post is full of useful advice and tips to help heal your new ink and leave it looking as perfect as it did from day 1.There are a couple of mood board posts where give  great inspiration for any budding aritists or for people looking for their next tattoo,I mean look at these amazing tea inspired tattoos (that rabbit is adorable).I love how personal and in depth she is about  her experiences and own artwork with us,and I think she knows what she's talking about after all the hours she's spent getting tattooed! I love how much her colorful full sleeve contrasts against her white wedding dress.Beautiful.It's great to see a blogger sharing her passion and talking about something a little different.You can follow Rachel here.

I always feel really happy writing these posts,I love how positive this community is and I enjoy contributing to it in any way I can.I hope you've enjoyed reading and hopefully you've have lots of late night reading to get through!

Who do you think I should be following? Any recommendations?


  1. These are really great blogs which I´d never come across before. I sometimes think how people ever discovered new blogs without bloglovin! Come check out mine if you like you can find me on www.theblondeb.com x

  2. I agree,Bloglovin' is definitely the way to go.I'll pop over to your blog now! x


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