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Before finding f.lux software,whenever I was on my laptop in the evening you could find me squinting at the screen whilst trying to cling on to the last few minutes before I gave into sleep (those cat videos won't watch themselves!) You don't really realise it if you use electronics often,but screens can really throw out some unnatural light that can give you a headache,impair sleep and definitely not help you function at your best.

All credit to justgetflux.com

F.lux sum it up themselves wonderfully! During the day you might not even notice your computer's display but as it gets darker your eyes can really struggle to adjust.F.lux is designed to change to suit any time of the day,and as the day goes on it creates a warmer tint which is better for night time computer use.It's a really simple but effective idea that I'm surprised I haven't heard of it before.

Since installing it (for free),I've found that I've been get fewer computer related headaches and that I've been able to focus on writing easier.It's also suitable for anybody anywhere because you can set the location and it will adjust to your area's sunrise and sunset.You can also choose the speed of how fast you want the light to change,so that your eyes get used to the new environment.I would really recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their eye health and sleep quality whilst still being able to focus and enjoy the Internet!

Do you use any useful computer programs or add ons? I'm always looking for new things to install.

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  1. I get really bad headaches when studying on the computer and having a program like this sounds like such a great idea, thank you tonnes for sharing! My head thanks you :)

    Not sure if this would be helpful to you or others, but I use the program 'Focus Writer' which turns the screen into an old word processor meaning absolutely no distractions from other programmes.

  2. No problem! I love discovering new computer related things because I'm a bit of a social media/internet addict.I'll have to check out "Focus Writer" it definitely sounds like it could come in handy.

  3. This is a great idea! I often get headaches looking at my computer screen!

  4. It's really helped! I wish I'd have found it sooner :) x

  5. I use this! My Fiance told me about it. It does help to be honest :).

    Gem x

  6. It's surprising how much it does! It's only until you get of the computer that you realise how much it can affect your eyes.x


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