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J.R.R Tolkien once said "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold,it would be a merrier world",and I couldn't agree more! Food is one of life's pleasures that I'm rediscovering during my recovery,so I thought I'd share with you what I'm enjoying at the moment.I couldn't get through the day without a couple of snacks to keep me going,and these are all from budget stores, making them great choices if you're trying to save money.

 Although I really enjoy cooking,I love things that I can just throw in my bag in case I want a quick snack. "BiscoCereali Croccanti Classici" and "con cereali integrali" roughly translates as "crunchy classic" and "with whole grains".Thanks Google Translate! I was expecting something similar to a granola but but they're much more filling and don't crumble to pieces like Nature Valley bars.They're quite hard,so if you have weak teeth I wouldn't recommend them,but I love the texture and light honey taste.You get 6 bars in a pack and I picked these up from the 99p store.

 I love Cinnamon on everything.It instantly takes food and drinks to the next level,and I always associate it with staying indoors wrapped up in warm blankets.These crispy Cinnamon sugar cookies from Gullon (which is a Spanish company apparently) are perfectly light and crisp,and you can even dunk them in your tea! Again,I got these from the 99p store,I'd really recommend them if you're after some international food.

 I'm a sucker for American food,but I'm also on a budget,so I'm not willing to spend £7 on a box of Lucky Charms! Luckily,I spotted these at Poundland and quickly stashed them in my shopping basket as they were being snapped up pretty quickly.I wasn't really sure what to expect,but I would describe them as Peanut Butter Maltesers.I've tried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups before,but I'd say these are even nicer! They melt in your mouth leaving behind a subtle creamy peanut flavour and a crispy malted ball. I've passed these around the family and even the ones who don't really like Peanut Butter are a fan!

 I could easily buy a Starbucks or Costa coffee everyday,but the price can really add up so I've been trying to find a cheaper alternative.These Latte Macchiato sachets from Mokate are really quick to make and even give you the frothy milk top you get in coffee shops.I would definitely use a tall mug because when you're stirring the milk,it almost doubles in size (learn from my mistake!) They have a nice subtle coffee flavour,it' s definitely not gourmet coffee,but they are really easy to drink and taste really velvety and smooth. You can pick these up from the 99p store and they had various other flavours too,so there's something for everyone.

I really enjoy reading posts that people create on certain days,so I think that every Friday I'll be sharing my "Food Favourites" with you.I hope that you've found something that interests you,as you can see,I think I should have shares in budget stores!

What snacks are you enjoying at the moment?


  1. I've yet yo find the €1-world here in Belgium. When I do, I think I will be happy. Can't resist a good food bargain!

  2. Those cinnamon crisps look yum! Been loving the new Kelloggs cracker crisps lately - super yummy :)

    Jasmin Charlotte


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