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Although I've never been a big spender, I'm trying to shift my focus towards buying things that will help me me practice self care and still put a little back in savings.As you know,I love browsing budget stores and buying second hand bits,and it's made a huge difference to how far I can stretch my budget It's easier said than done sometimes,but I'm really happy with what I've bought so I thought I'd share them with you all!

As much as I love Yankee candle jars (vanilla cupcake is a personal favourite),I don't like how they often burn down the middle,leaving loads of wax behind.That's where this wonderful Glade Peppermint Crush candle comes in.Although this fragrance is meant for the Christmas season,it's perfect for anytime of year.I burn this pretty much everyday,and there's still plenty left.It also burns evenly and leave the room basked in a cosy glow (perfect for an after work nap!) The scents smell very realistic,and the mix of sweet vanilla and fresh peppermint really help to clear my mind and leave my bedroom smelling gorgeous.I can't believe I bought it for only 99p from the 99p store! 

I'd been wanting to buy this book for a while,as I'd heard such great reviews about it.With books and most things though,if you leave it a while they really drop down in price.I managed to pick this up from this seller on Amazon for £7.48,and I'm so glad I did. I've been reading the story of how Jack Monroe,a struggling single Mum living in poverty,had to stretch her £10 a week food budget to feed herself and little boy.She started sharing her budget recipes on her blog, and that's where it all began! I'm really looking forward to trying her recipes because they're not intimidating or too fancy,just good honest food.I think the first thing I'm going to try is the Carrot,Cumin and Kidney bean burgers.

I'd been looking for some artificial flowers to jazz up the background of my photos for a while, so I headed to the 99p store to see what I could find.I would love to use fresh ones,but my allergies,and the fact I'm an awful plant babysitter means that that would be a bad idea! They had so many pretty colours to choose from,but I chose these beautiful vibrant red and crisp white ones,so that I can switch it up the mood depending on what I'm writing.They're really easy to move around and style too,I think I'm going to have to get some for my ever changing bedroom.

I know that I haven't bought much,but I guess that's the point of trying to stick to a budget! It's really nice to treat yourself with the little things sometimes,and I think these are going to become a regular feature in my life and blog posts,so why not save some money at the same time?

Are you trying to budget? I'd love to hear any tips you have.



  1. I might have to take a look at the recipe book!

  2. I have the peppermint candle but I've put it away for christmas! My 99p shop also had another one, I think its apple and cinnamon. I'm excited to use them because they smell so good.


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