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I've been following the #YesAllWomen tag on Twitter recently,and it's full of reasons confirming why I am a Feminist.It's been very enlightening, but also very sad to read the experiences of Women all around the world.The word "Feminism" can certainly conjure up the dated stereotype of "bra burning man hater",but there is no way to identify a feminist based on looks.People of all ages,races and backgrounds support and hold up the beliefs that Feminism fights for.The definition of Feminism according to the Oxford English Dictionary is "the advocacy of Women's rights on the grounds of equality of the sexes",but I think Queen Bey sums it up quite well too.Equality to me is the main focus.I believe that all genders deserve to have control of their bodies,and should be able to live and voice their opinions without fear.

I'm a Feminist because...

  1. The Gender Pay Gap in the UK for 2013 was 19.7%. (source)
  2. When someone  says "you fight/act like a girl" it's seen as an insult. 
  3. Because 30% of the female UK population has suffered domestic violence. (source)
  4. This video highlights how men can be victims of abuse too,but they often don't get taken seriously. (source)
  5. Because women have been asked in interviews "do you intend to have children?"
  6. Often a women who has had lots of sex is a "slut" whereas a man is praised.
  7. Women are often taught that they should see other females as competition ("I'm not like other girls") rather than holding each other up and supporting one another.
  8. I have been refused a job because "I wouldn't be able to lift things",even though I fit the job description.
  9. According to this survey,35% of male college students admitted they would commit rape if they knew they could get away with it.(source
  10. Because men are often made to feel ashamed for enjoying "feminine" hobbies and showing emotion.
  11. Because women are often made to feel ashamed for being "unladylike", or pursuing traditionally masculine careers.
  12. Unnecessarily Gendered Products (source)
  13. Single mothers are often portrayed by the media as "desperate" and relying on benefits,whereas single Dads are praised for "doing so well with them".
  14. If a man chooses to be a stay at home Dad,he is often questioned and made to feel less "manly".
  15. Schools put tougher restrictions on what the girls wear,to make sure  that they don't arrive in "inappropriate" clothing which may affect the boy's attention.
  16. There are still countries that don't allow women have an abortion,except in life threatening cases.In my opinion, all women should have the reproductive right to a safe and legal abortion free from shame and discrimination,if they choose to.
  17.  There are people in the world who think that women owe them a smile or sexual favours.
  18. Women are still encouraged to stick together on a night out for safety.
  19. There are 33 states in the US where it is possible to be fired from your job for being gay or transgendered. (source)
  20. Over 20,000 girls are at risk from Female Genital Mutilation in the UK.This practice is illegal over here,but many young women are taken abroad for the procedure. (source)

You're a star if you've managed to read all this! I felt really inspired by all of the strong people who are taking a stand against negativity and injustice in the world.Sadly,it would be very naive of me to expect people to be treated equally any time soon,but I love that people are more willing to challenge stereotypes and voice their opinions now.

Do you identify as a Feminist? I'd love to hear your opinions


  1. I love this post. I hate how feminism is a dirty word. Feminism helps men as much as women - helps them break free from bullshit stereotypes which hurt everyone. x x

  2. Oh this is brilliant! I wish I'd spotted the #YesAllWomen tag sooner too but there must be something in the air at the moment, I did a post about this same thing just today. Those are 20 superb (if a little terrifying) reasons!
    M x Life Outside London

  3. Thanks guys! I've been really into reading up on Feminism recently,it has been really eye opening and I love how people are bringing more attention to injustice.xx

  4. I love this post! It's so good and I have been feeling the same recently after entering full time work. There is no reason for the differences! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. Great post! I agree that it is an important topic and I think there is still a lot to do and a lot that has to change. I was glad that you included Nr. 4, that men can be abused, too. I feel that the main problem is the labelling of "feminism" as something bad, something against men, but really for me it means Equality for everyone. That includes men being pushed down by other men because they like things that are considered "girly" or "feminine".


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