Recovery // How to stop weighing yourself.

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For years,every morning before I did anything else I would step on the scales like I was consulting a crystal ball."What will my weight be?" and "Will I have a good day today?" ran through my head and those numbers would too for the whole day.My food choices would be affected too,if I went up a pound that must of been because of that nice meal I had last week so I would cut down my intake "just in case".I know not everybody develops Eating Disorders but it's so easy to let that number rule your mind and the relationship you have with your body.Although in some medical circumstances having a Doctor weigh you may be necessary,I think it's best to avoid it as much as possible.Weighing yourself can't really tell you much about your health,it can't tell you about who you are as a person and it certainly isn't a marker for how good or bad you're day is going to be.I think using a scale can sometimes disconnect yourself for your body and base it all around numbers when you are so much more than that. Admittedly I still do slip up sometimes,but I've put together some tips that I've found helpful.

1.I try to keep the scales hidden because then I'm much less likely to get on them.It's a simple case of "out of sight out of mind" but more often than not I find that by the time I think about getting on them, I'm already doing something.If this is too hard to for you to do right now,I'd suggest getting someone you trust to remove them for a while.

2.Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and nice in.If you grab those jeans from the back of the wardrobe (that you know don't fit) it can be all too tempting to step on the scales in order to confirm what you feel about yourself.

3. Realise that your weight isn't necessarily an indicator of your health or well being.People of all sizes can be healthy,chronically ill or anything in between,and they're all worthy of feeling good and happy in themselves.Focus on what your body can do,no matter how small that seems.

4.The scales can't tell you anything but a number.The people in your life are going to know a great deal more about you than a machine.If you're struggling with how you feel then I've found that talking to someone you can trust really helps.I've just said "I'm feeling really conscious about my weight and it sucks" and it's surprising how nice it feels to offload and share your problems with others.

5.Learn to accept that your body is in a constant state of change.In just one day your body is already regenerating and changing in small ways.Natural changes that occur in the body during ageing,pregnancy or illness are likely to affect your weight in someway,so find healthy coping mechanisms to deal with this like practising self care and building positive relationships.

I'm still working on this but telling myself these things regularly is really helping me to change my mindset and keep myself focused on what I want to achieve,which is a healthy view of myself and my body.It might take a while but I've got no doubt it's worth it.I know lots of other people have the same problem too,so I hope you've found this helpful.

What tips do you have to help stay off the scales?


  1. some great tips! I'm trying to loose a bit of weight, but thankfully I don't weigh myself! xx


  2. Great post hun, as always.
    I am loving the pic, great idea to write that kind of stuff on your scales x Tink x

  3. Thanks! I know it's easier said than done but right now I've put them away.I agree,I need a cheap pair of scales to decorate haha.x

  4. This is such a lovely post :) nice tips!

  5. No problem :) Glad I could pass on some advice.x


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