Poundland bargains // My £2 Poundland acne busting duo

I can always tell when "that time of the month" is coming because I always seem to get the same spots in the same place! They always seem to be in really obvious places too,like on the end of my nose.They're never just small blemishes either,but the under the skin kind that can take forever to go away.So short of going into work with a "yes I have a spot and please don't look at it" sign,I grabbed the two products I always bring out when I need to reduce redness and spot size quickly.

I'm always reading about how people can spend loads on high end products and get great results,but I picked these up from Poundland for £1 each,and I'm really impressed with how hard they've been working.On first appearances,I think they look quite similar to Clearasil products,which also work quite well on my skin.I use the Cleansing Face Wash every morning and evening and what I really love about this product is how it doesn't leave any residue behind,it just makes my skin feel really clean without stripping it of any of it's natural oils.I use the Purifying Face Scrub 2 or 3 times a week to give my pores a really deep clean and help to prevent spots from coming back. I've used some facial scrubs before that have left my sensitive combination skin looking really inflamed,but this formulation contains "micro beads" to clear the skin gently. When I use these products together,the first thing I notice is a reduction in the size of the blemishes,they look much less noticeable and sore,which is a great confidence boost.

I love how luxurious and creamy these products feel on my skin! I like to grab a hot wash cloth to place on my face to open up my pores to really help these products to work,sort of like a home spa experience (where are my eye cucumbers!) The Salicylic Acid also helps to remove excess skin cells and leave your skin looking more even and hopefully prevent blemishes.

A few days ago I had so many sore red spots on my t-zone and nose,which were not only pretty painful but also impossible to do anything to,but these products really helped ease the discomfort and tighten up my pores.Obviously these aren't a miracle cure but I'm so happy that I've found a budget range for acne prone skin of any type.It does feel nice to not have to painstakingly apply concealer and just go out with a little BB cream on.Fingers crossed it stays like this!

What tips do you have to prevent breakouts?

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  1. I might try these, thanks:)

  2. They're really good and suitable for all skin,so I'd definitely give it a go! Let me know if you use them and how you find it! x


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