Perfume // Next Just Pink EDT review

You know when you walk past someone who's perfume smell gorgeous and you've just got to ask them where they got it from? Well that happened with my Auntie a little while back and she said "Next Just Pink".
I've never really thought of heading to Next for perfumes,but they've got a great range of fragrances all under £20.This beautifully packaged perfume was only £12, but the adorable glass heart bottle and long lasting scent really makes it seem higher end.Apparently,this is a great dupe for "Ralph Lauren's Romance".

This is a very feminine and floral fragrance but it isn't cloyingly sweet or over the top,it fills the air with the light scents of flowers and it smells very clean .It's the perfect perfume for day or night because it mellows out to a more muskier scent after a few hours.

I love the glass bottle,it's the perfect size to put in my handbag and I think it's really pretty.It also looks equally as good being displayed on my cabinet! I love the simple design and 30ml is a good amount of perfume for £12.

Next Just Pink describe it's fragrance as "a fresh green floral fragrance with soft fruits and pink blooms" and I think it would be perfect for a woman of any age,it's very unobtrusive and would be great to wear at work or at home.It definitely adds that extra something to any outfit and now I know how good Next's perfumes are,I'm going to try the other fragrances they have on offer!

What perfumes are you enjoying right now? Have you tried Next perfumes before?

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  1. Absolutely love Next perfumes! This one in fact was the first one I picked up was I was 12/13, they have some really lovely fragrances and purse friendly prices :)

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  2. I think I'm a bit late to the Next Perfume train but I'm glad I'm here now! I must have been living under a rock.I'm hoping that the other ones are as impressive.xx

  3. I love this scent! I forgot about this as I haven't gotten it in a while so thank you for reminding me! :) xx

  4. It's amazing! I wish they did a bigger bottle :) Rediscovering fragrances is the best.xx

  5. Ooh, pretty packaging! I don't like how often they change their perfumes though as it's practically impossible to get the old stuff. I got my mum one for Christmas a few years back and haven't been able to track down another bottle of it since.

  6. They sell it on their website but the packaging has changed to a square bottle (boo!) but it's still £12 so that's a plus.xx


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