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A collection of Selfies from 2014 so far!

Selfie was the "Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year for 2013 and is defined as "a photograph that one has taken of oneself,typically on a smartphone and uploaded to social media".A quick scroll of Instagram,Twitter or Facebook shows you how popular the Selfie has become and I can see why! It's an easily accessible way to have fun and share your day with others.People have been taking photographs for entertainment for years,so it makes sense that it moves along with the rest of technology!

In a world where people are often shamed by the media for the way they look,I think it's great that we can portray ourselves as and when we want to and control our online image.Although validation shouldn't be sought purely based on appearance or what others think,it's a lovely confidence boost to receive feedback and comments on your latest photo.The power of the Selfie has even helped raise 8 million pounds for Cancer Research. I love how Selfies give us a peek into a person's life and day,there's no better way to find out what a person's like than looking through their Instagram feed! Also we have Selfies to thanks for such funny Internet entertainment as The Selfie Olympics and this infamous song which confirms my struggles "Can you guys help me pick a filter? I don't know if I should go with XX Pro or Valencia".

Of course there is a time and a place for everything and I definitely wouldn't recommend taking Selfies in the Office,but I really enjoy seeing people improve their self image and gain the confidence to be able to share their photographs.It can take a lot of courage to say "this is who I am and what I look like".I for one am always going to take Selfies as they're a great way to unwind and explore new ideas.I mean look at the 86 year old lady on Instagram known as Baddie Winkle,it's my goal to be like her when I'm that age.

What's your opinion on Selfies? Do you enjoy taking them?


  1. I LOVE selfies! They're self care. Everyone likes to feel good and it's good to be a little vain. Far too many people hate themselves. More love is needed. x

  2. I couldn't agree more! It can only be a good thing,I think we need a Selfie revolution! x

  3. I agree with everything here, a little love can be nice. And I love how you haveshown how a selfie can be a positive thing, there is so much hate lately! :) x Jemma x

  4. Exactly,I find a selfie can really brighten up my day,even better if I get other people involved too! xx

  5. I love LOVE love selfies. the end. :') xx


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