Fashion // Stripes & Jeans OOTD

This is a very exciting post for me to write because it involves getting out of my comfort zone and facing some body issues! I haven't worn jeans for around 9 years,and each pair I've owned in the past have been filled with memories of me starving and unrealistic expectations.I must have walked in and out of Primark two or three times before deciding to pick these jeans up,but I decided that I have to challenge myself so that I can continue to tackle any negative thoughts!

Stripey Boyfriend Top £3
Black "push up & pull in" skinny jeans £13
Black leather bag £12
Brogues £10
All Primark

Now I know that this stripes and black combo isn't going to win any creative fashion prizes,but I'm really enjoy the monochrome look at the moment,and I'm trying to channel my inner French woman.I'm not used to wearing jeans,so I feel like my legs  look like sausages busting out of their casing,but they are actually quite comfortable.They feel really well made and I'm sure they'll be a feature of many future outfits.I love the slouchy cut of this top and it'd be perfect for dressing up or down.

I'm finding it quite hard to accept my shape in jeans because I often wear dresses or other loose clothing,but I have to realise that I am normal.Some people are a size 6 and some are a size 36,but everyone deserves to be included in fashion and feel good.This outfit has definitely inspired me to be more bold with my clothing choices and break out of my comfort zone every now and again!

What clothes do you wear when you're trying to shake things up?

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  1. sometimes it's not a piece of clothe but an accessory. the skull ring or that bright pink necklace I fall in love with at the store. Just little details.

  2. I agree,even the smallest much loved accessory can make a huge difference to the outfit.I'm trying to get into wearing more jewellery recently because I definitely think it helps pull the outfit together.x


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