Lifestyle // Bloggers you should be following Part 1

There's nothing I love more than heading over to Bloglovin' armed with a cup of tea to see what's new in the Blogosphere.I get so many great ideas and inspiration from everyone's stories and I'm always finding great new blogs on Twitter. I've virtually met so many lovely people via social media and I love interacting with every one of them,but I've compiled a list of bloggers who really brighten up my feed with their excellent writing and fresh take on life.

If you love all things vintage,adorable cats and cruelty free then you'll love Tiny Grey cat which is written by the lovely Lily.Her openness about the reality of recovering from cancer is really thought provoking and brave as you can see here and here.As an avid tea and coffee drinker,I love the Mugshot Monday posts she writes,showcasing her collection of interesting and very quirky cups full of stories.Her cats Soldier and Trobadour (I had to google that,apparently its a medieval French Poet) are ridiculously cute and how awesome are their names? I love the whole rockabilly vintage look that she's got going on and,I really look forward to reading more about her style! 

I only discovered this blog run by Joelle yesterday but I'm so glad I did,it's a great mix of fashion,comedy and sh*t she doesn't care about.Her post about her top 10 Bebo memories really took me back and gave me a good laugh,she definitely says what we're all thinking.I love how her blog is separated into sections (very organised!) and there is some wonderful tips and advice amongst the funny stuff.There's a lot on this blog that I've never seen before such as her post on funny spam comments and blogger encouragement,so you'll definitely find something on here for you!

The first thing that caught my eye about Twenty Something Sherbet / Dear Ms.Leigh was how creative and pretty her about me page was,and that's only the start.If you're into crafts then Rachael's handiwork will give you some great inspiration.I particularly love this Michigan State Map and Angel of the North cross stitch.I love reading about her adventures as an English lady living in Michigan,USA and she even went on a quest to find some good fish and chips. Her pictures are so beautiful and a world away from what I'm used to,so I love heading over to her blog for some escapism! 

If you aren't following this lovely ladies already then I would definitely head over to their blogs now and click follow! They're all really supportive and their content is so well written that you'll never want to get off Bloglovin'.I've really enjoyed writing about other bloggers and I'm making this part of a series to celebrate all of the great achievements and people in the blogging community.So watch this space for more 

Who would you recommend that I follow?

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  1. thanks for the tips, hope i make it into your list one day! www.thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Glad you liked it :) I've just popped over to your blog & I really enjoyed reading that post about dogs,I'm an animal lover too! x

  3. Thank you for your sweet sweet words pretty lady! They have brightened up my slow Sunday, and i'm def off to check out your other two recommendations!

  4. Tiny Grey Cat and Dear Mrs Leigh are two of my favs!!

  5. You're very welcome Rachael! I think it's great to celebrate all of the positivity in the community.Great minds think alike K.xx

  6. Thanks so much, Kim!!


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