Beauty // Kindred Spirit Perfume review (CK One dupe)

I love the feeling of finding that perfect scent that I can't stop wearing,it can make such a difference to my mood and I'm starting up a collection for every occasion.I always make sure to buy budget perfumes,so I can apply them liberally without having to shell out every couple of months.

I bought this Kindred Spirit Eau De Toilette from Trago Mills,which is a Shopping and Leisure park that has 3 centres in the Devon and Cornwall,you can buy anything there and they have great deals on beauty products! This large bottle of fragrance was only £2.29 which is so unbelievably cheap considering the generous size of the bottle.I wanted a neutral scent that I could wear everyday and to work,so this seems like just the thing I'm looking for.

This fragrance is definitely a dupe of CK One,both in appearance and smell.The bottle actually feels heavy and much more expensive than its price.It all seemed too good to be true,but then I spritzed a little on my wrists and I was pleasantly surprised.I love the detailed description of the scent and I'd say it's pretty accurate.Describing scents online can be hard but it's a citrus scent that has musky sandalwood undertones.If you love very sweet floral fragrances I would say this isn't for you,but if you're after a crisp and slightly more sophisticated fragrance then I would recommend it.I love that it doesn't smell overwhelming or cheap too,no one will ever know how much I paid for it! It's a very clean and uncomplicated fragrance which would be well suited to Men or Women.Women. I've been wearing it for about 4 hours and it's only just begun to fade,and for the price I don't think that's too bad really.

I'm definitely going to be looking for more budget fragrances to add to my collection.I've heard and read great reviews about perfumes from Lidl,Poundland and Primark.What would you recommend?


  1. This perfume sounds like a lovely spring-y scent. I've read articles on people who have blind tested perfumes and supermarket alternatives have won by miles! I never think to check these places but I'd definitely consider it

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  2. That's exactly how I would describe it! I agree,it's only natural to be swayed by more high end brands, but if you give them a chance you can be really surprised.xx

  3. Love this perfume i have always bought it. Now I cannot get it anywhere. Why is this. Will it be realeased again. I bought 6 bottles at £2.99 each from savers. Now carnt get anywhere.


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