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I was searching through my wardrobe this morning and amongst the five year old pyjamas and shoes I've never worn,I found all of my current favourites and arranged them so they're easy to get to.My wardrobes aren't very organised but I do like to have them to hand, a kind of organised chaos.Anyway,these are the bits and bobs that I can't stop wearing at the moment!

I can't get over how much I love this dress! It's so comfortable and I love the cut.I can't often find dresses that fit my shape like this,and the vibrant daisy print only adds to it.I have seen a similar dress in Topshop before but I picked this up in Primark and it was only £13.All of the seams appear very sturdy and the zip at the back makes it look much higher end.Well done Primark!

I was a huge My Little Pony fan when I was growing up,as I'm sure any 80's or 90's child was.I loved the bright colours and it definitely fulfilled some dream that I too could have my own ponies (albeit toy ones.) You're never too old to bring some nostalgia to your clothes though and these socks are so adorable.They were £2.50 and they've kept their colour really well.I'm definitely going to pop in and see what other ranges they offer.I know Primark have a big Marvel range out at the moment,so if you're a big comic book fan now looks like your time.

This photo really doesn't do this ring justice,but my Gran generously gave this to me a few weeks ago.She's always worn so many rings that she jingles when she walks,and I love to hear all of her stories about how she got them.I'm not too sure about the back story or what it's made of but I think it's Ruby and possibly Diamonds.I was thinking of going to a Jewellers to see if they would be able to have a look at it.The stone in the middle shines a deep claret red colour in the sun and the little gems around it sparkle too.It's so beautiful and I love that it's always going to have memories of my Gran attached to it. 

Sorry for the wrinkled socks and messy laces,I'm the kind of person that ties up their shoes rushing out of the door and then has to retie them a billion times (I should learn really.) I'm a bit late to the Brogue party,I've seen them around lots before but I never thought to buy a pair.I'm so glad I did! I love how they make any outfit look smart and polished,and these ones from Primark are so comfortable.I picked these up for £12 and I've worn them pretty much every day since.I love to wear them with that red daisy print dress and tights,they're so wearable and go with pretty much anything. I'm still thinking of more ways to wear them though,so I'd love to read any tips or OOTD's you guys have.

So there we go,there are the things I can't be without right now.I've really enjoyed writing a different post,and I think they're might be some more fashion related things on the blog soon.Hopefully I will get used to being in front of the camera!

What are you loving at the moment?


  1. I'm in love with your My Little Pony socks.

  2. Haha thanks! I've already worn them to death.x

  3. that dress is such a fab vibrant red! I like how it's flowy/skatery and flowery (so many made up words there haha). Those socks are so cute as well! Primark do some amazing things as shown by your post as well :) x
    | Life as a Petite |

  4. Thank you! It's so comfortable,I think it will be a favourite this Summer :) I can't really describe it either. Primark have got some lovely things in at the moment.x

  5. Love the Primark dress, so cute and trendy! You look fab!

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  6. I love that dress! It's stunning! Your blog is fab, lovely. I love the design x


  7. OMG!!! That dress. Its gorgeous
    x x x x

  8. Thank you! I'm definitely popping back to Primark to see what else they have on offer.xx


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