In the news // Pro Ana bracelets in 2014

from myproana.com (Don't click it's full of triggering content)

I always like to check the news to see what's going on in the world.I'm especially interested in mental health issues and the ever changing media opinion of Eating Disorders.The headline that the Daily Mail ran today (which you can read here) really caught me eye,although not for the right reasons.A website called "myproana.com" is selling bracelets "as a reminder of the daily struggle all sufferers experience".The Pro Ana community always cover up their dangerous behaviour by using language that makes people feel like they are in a big family,where everyone urges you to "stay strong" and become "ana" buddies.

I don't know where to start with this so I'm going to create a list.

  • These bracelets have been around in various forms to my knowledge since the early 2000's, and are often used as a form of encouragement to continue disordered behaviours.They only ever seem to be used in the Pro Ana community.

  • They call people who are suffering from Anorexia (or sometimes the disorder itself) "Ana" or "Mia" for Bulimia.I hate these cutesy nicknames! They trivialise mental health problems as something that's playful and fun.

  • The bracelet comes without any logos so as to cover up where you bought it from.I think that should ring enough alarm bells, surely if it was just an innocent bracelet there would be no problem?

  • They wanted to make something more "luxurious","high end" and "refined".Anything that is associated with promoting Anorexia as a lifestyle choice is disgusting,irresponsible and unsafe.

  • This website is called "myproana.com".How more transparent could they be? This website is well known for it's community of members sharing tips of how to starve yourself and become a "good Anorexic" and that's bad enough, but now they're selling bracelets and charging people $14 (£8.44) for the privilege. 

Although we know that Eating Disorders are affecting people of a younger age,it's states on the site that "Many Anas felt that red beads were not age appropriate",which suggests that teens or children who are more susceptible to peer pressure are likely to look at this as see it as a trendy fashion statement.Hopefully, with the increased media coverage it's been receiving,they will stop selling them.I know we can't censor the Internet,but when it comes to protecting people's health and well being,I think it's right to call people out.You can find more of my opinions about "pro ana" on a recent blog post here.

What are you opinions?


  1. This is awful I totally agree with what you are saying. You can get wrist brand for breast cancer research and for other charities. This is not a charity. Fair enough having a bracelet/wristband for awareness of these mental health issues but it is disgusting that it is encouraging the health issues. It's so sad that people feel that they need to do that and it's such a shame so many people go onto these sites.

  2. Exactly,I think the worst part is that it is really misleading.I wouldn't mind if they were raising awareness.However,like you said using them to support their dangerous "lifestyle choice" on others is so wrong.Pro ana tends to be very cultish.xx


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