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I have a corner shelf that has all of my toiletries on it,most of which I really love and use religiously.However,there is a dark corner that never gets touched,which is full of products that I have relegated to the back,never to be used again.I hate it when I buy a product and I'm really excited,but it turns out to be really disappointing, that's why I'm glad I don't spend too much money on these things!

I bought Oz Bonatics Major Moisture Shampoo from Poundland, and I was really expecting good results as it seemed like such a good dupe for the more expensive Aussie haircare range,but no luck! It smells really good,kind of like bubblegum,but it left my hair feeling really lank and weighed down.

I'm a big fan of dry shampoos because I get up very early for work,and I can't be bothered to wash my hair in the early hours of the morning.I usually use Batiste which works wonderfully,but I was really interested to see this waterless foam shampoo from Tresemme which I bought from Boots for around the £5 mark.I was willing to pay more because I thought it would give me really similar results to washing my hair,but all that happened is that it smelt slightly fresher.It didn't remove any grease and it left the ends of my hair looking really frizzy.You're supposed to distribute it through the hair and then blast it with a hairdryer,but I formulation is so gloopy that it gets everywhere! I'd stick to traditional dry shampoo.

I can't make my mind up about this Shine Gloss Booster from Bristow's  which I bought from Poundland.It says that it "gives hair a healthy shine" and that it has an "instant visible effect" but it doesn't seem to do anything! It smells quite nice and fresh but I haven't really seen any difference in the glossiness of my hair since using it.Maybe I'm not looking hard enough? Apparently it does protect against breakage, and my hair is looking quite breakage free at the moment,but I doubt that's got anything to do with this product.

I definitely won't be repurchasing these again,and this is a great reminder to myself not to get sucked into all of the buzzwords that promise me the swishy,glossy hair from a L'Oreal Advert.Oh well,I can still dream!

Have you bought any products you're dissapointed with? 


  1. That's a shame about the tresemme, I'll stick to trusty batiste :) good review - I like reading about things that aren't as good as we expect! X


    Golden Clutter

  2. I know,I really wanted to like it as it seemed like a really useful & different idea but it was too good to be true! I agree,it helps me save money by avoiding certain products haha x


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