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In this post I'm going to be talking about the inspirational blogging mindset and how this can make people feel inadequate or like they need to go on millions of spending sprees in order to meet certain "standards".I am in no way talking about a particular blog or person so this isn't aimed at anyone!

I love reading blogs from writers all over the world and from all walks of life.There is so much to learn and explore that I could spend hours reading people's musings and looking at their pictures.Scroll for too long through,and sometimes I can start to feel a bit down.There are pictures of perfectly placed cups of tea framing high end beauty products,or a person who has a seemingly perfect home peppered with artsy creations and a wardrobe of beautiful vintage clothing.I think that some blogs definitely seem to sell a "lifestyle" which I don't have a problem with as it's no different to a magazine,but it can leave you feeling like there's something missing in your life or blog.

I do think it's important that we realise that bloggers are only people.They might watch Jeremy Kyle in the mornings,or perhaps they hate doing the laundry.Whatever it is, perfection doesn't exist.Of course,it can look very convincing,but human's by nature aren't perfect and that includes bloggers too.

Everyone has different budgets and that is apparent in everyday life,but in the blogging world it seems magnified and thoughts can sometimes pop in my head."Why can't I have that?" "It would take me months to save up".I probably could buy it,but it's not in my nature too so I focus on budget beauty.If you're into high end products then that's great! If bloggers review and talk about both then readers have a wider amount to read about.

The Internet is a huge place with room for everyone.If you like to talk about high end fashion then do it! Are you interested in the Paranormal? Share your passion.Someone is bound to read it and be grateful for the information,it might even inspire them to start writing.

Theodore Roosevelt said "comparison is the thief of joy" and I couldn't agree more.Let's hold each other up and enjoy our community,but remember that things aren't always as they seem! (When I'm taking pictures I often have my slobby "house" clothes on.)


  1. I agree with his, although to a certain extent I feel that blogging is more honest than something like Facebook (or at least my friends on there) where I think people maybe do 'show off' the good elements of their lives more and play down the not so good elements. I think in a way bloggers, as they write often lengthy blog posts are maybe more inclined to say, 'sorry for the absence, I've had a terrible week...' so although they might be touting the latest mascara, the personal stuff is slightly more present. But, it's still easy to not always see the reality hinted at behind the facade.

  2. This is so true, those are the feelings I go through when I'm reading blogs as well. But I think you're right, we should enjoy the community, which I most certainly do as everyone is just so lovely. And also yeah, realise that they have lives as well, they might be successful which is great, but they're also humans :) great post thank you! X
    |Life as a Petite|

  3. I have noticed that too Lisa,I really appreciate it when bloggers discuss personal experiences and how they've managed them.Facebook can be much worse I agree.x

    Exactly Tiny! We should celebrate each other's successes as it takes all type to make this wonderful community.x

  4. You make some great points. I guess never being a big fan of commercialism or having to have the must have trend/thing, so I steer away from the high end blogs because I just can't relate to them at all - even the high end home decor. Bloggers I think at times get too scared to throw out the negative because of being caught up in what their readers will think of them, or because they are scared of loosing followers, which is a shame because everyone - the blogger and the read can always learn something from a bad experience(s). I have to admit to feeling very left out, for want of a better term when it comes to follow expat bloggers, they all seem to be constantly traveling and have an endless source of time and money to do so, often made me feel like i'm not a proper expat blogger for doing so.

    I hope I try and balance out the good and bad, the one thing I do try and always keep positive is within posts regarding Detroit, mainly because people already have a negative assumption about the city, I cut out negative side because if I can, I want to try and make people rethink the place.

    1. I agree Rachael, this feeling is horrible! I want to travel 24/7 hehe :D

  5. Thanks for sharing that with me,I've completely understand how you feel! I try to think "we'll I don't know why/how they're doing that.Maybe they got time off or they saved up for ages?" I guess we just don't know the full story.

    The fact that you moved country in itself is very interesting and brave and I'm sure your experiences and tales will help many people.I always want to know more about different countries and cities.I don't know much about Detroit to be honest,but like a lot of places there a good and bad aspects to it! It sounds lovely to me :)

  6. I completely agree with this. It's the same with Instagram too... Need to start appreciating what you have and not always wanting what everyone else has. Love this post.

  7. Hello, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check it out on my blog to find the questions, if you need anymore info on it then send me an email! :)

    Mon Petit Billet

  8. Thank you so much! Instagram can be the worst sometimes.I just try to focus on the fact that I hav e my health,a roof over my head and food to eat,so I'm very lucky.

    Thank you very much for the nominated,Mon Petit Billet!

  9. Such a great reminder! I think I'm not the only one who does get stuck in the blog mentality of trying to impress readers, rather than just share the reality of what is going on. I appreciate this post so much.


  10. No problem at all! I agree,it's really easy to get caught up in trying to portray the "perfect" life but I think a lot of people find being honest about your journey & experiences in very refreshing.x


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