Internet // Why I hate Guru Gossip

I love joining in with Twitter chats,there's always so much interesting conversation and wonderful people to talk to! Yesterday's fashion bloggers (#fbloggers) chat was about Internet etiquette,and lots of people spoke about how they are supportive of each others efforts and take steps to avoid "trolls".Trolls are the lowest form of internet life,and take great delight in demeaning,belittling and insulting people online for fun and to get a reaction.We were talking about different platforms that exist for people to spout negativity,and someone mentioned a site called "Guru Gossip" where people go to "trash" bloggers and act like a group of teenage bullies.I thought I'd check it out but what I saw left me feeling really angry and upset.Just like anything though,there is always the small minority who ruin it for others.

Don't let the pretty logo and eye pleasing layout fool you,I only spent a short time browsing through the message boards and I was really dissapointed with how personal some of the comments were.It's fine to not like someone or their blog,and it's OK to give someone constructive and non offensive criticism,but it is not acceptable to make derogatory comments about weight,appearance and upbringing whilst photo shopping and sharing photos and videos of bloggers. Admittedly,there are areas of this site where people can talk about bloggers they do like in the "adored bloggers" section,and people who disagree with the website can say so over at the "Gurus Against Guru Gossip" board,but for every 1% of positivity and kindness it seems like the other 99% is pure bullying.

gossip website guru gossip

I just don't like the idea of a "gossip" site.It conjures up images of mean girls from school who sit around the table and discuss who they're hating today,except that most people on here seem to be adults and should definitely know better,although of course bullying isn't acceptable at any age.There are some people who would say "I can say what I want,it's a free country" or "it's not bullying",well to the first statement I'd say that although you can't censor the Internet or what people say,that doesn't mean that people should be posting inflammatory comments and using degrading language.Just because you can doesn't mean you should!

According to Stopbullying.gov bullying is;

Unwanted aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.The behavior is repeated or has the potential to be repeated over time".

That definitely goes on at Guru Gossip.Whether you say something online or in person,it still has the power to greatly affect that person's self esteem and mood,and people should hold themselves accountable for what they say.People start up blogs for all kinds of reasons,and the variety is what keeps the community alive and interesting,who are the people over at Guru Gossip to say what people should do with their time,money and bodies?

If you've managed to get through this then you're a star,I just really needed to get this off my chest.Everyone who I've met online through blogging has been awesome and writing has really enriched my life and helped me gain more confidence! People need to remember that you don't have to bring someone else down to build yourself up.

/ end rant

Have you ever had a look at some of these "gossip" sites? Did it surprise you?

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  1. What in the world?! What an awful site. I had no idea things like this existed. What is wrong with people?! They must have incredibly sad lives to spend their time trashing others like that. Utterly pathetic and abhorrent :( xx

  2. I had to check it out! Ain't it ironic that their 1st rule is "1. Be respectful of other posters" ? If I don't like a blog/blogger for whatever reason I just don't follow him/her. I won't go trash about it on some forum! They might be adults but they aren't grown ups.

  3. Neither did I! Part of me wasn't surprised honestly as there are some people who think that because they are "anonymous" they are exempt from being a decent human being.I completely agree,I think they have to put up "rules" though just so that everything looks legit.legit. Urgh,I don't even know where to begin! xx

  4. It's awful, I can't even imagine the type of person who wastes their time on a site like that!

    I had some awful comments on my blog a while back and it really put me off blogging for a bit. I ended up disabling anonymous comments and I haven't had any since. I don't even want to look at that site, I can't imagine what kind of thing must be written about people I admire...or even myself, who knows!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  5. It's a shame that you should have to do that,but I'm glad you took the steps you needed to distance yourself from that.I agree,it's horrible the amount of effort they go to to spread hate and bully people.xx

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