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I'm definitely a creature of habit and I love my morning routine.There's nothing better than feeling fresh and ready for the day, and I've found these products always help me start the morning on the right foot.I use these religiously and I will be making sure that I repurchase them again.

Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub (£5.50 from Boots)

I've been loving Sanctuary products since I received a gift box for Christmas,they're really affordable yet they have that luxurious look.This scrub is really gentle and doesn't leave my skin irritated or red.I suffer with Keratosis Pilaris,which is rough and bumpy skin on my upper arms and this really helps combat that and keep my skin smooth.It's perfect to use in the morning because it's got a gorgeous citrus scent that is really wakes me up!

Radox Moisture Soak (£1 from Poundland)

I do love a nice bubble bath.A few candles and the water at just the right temperature (boiling hot) and I'm happy.The downside of having regular hot baths is it can leave my skin feeling dried out,luckily this bubble bath really helps to put the moisture back in.It creates loads of comforting bubbles and fills the room with a sweet and inviting fragrance.You really don't need much either,I've had this for a good few months!

Nivea Harmony Time Shower Cream (£1 from Poundland)

This smells absolutely gorgeous! It's almost perfume like and leaves my skin smelling faintly of rose petals and sweet almonds.The formulation is very creamy so it would be brilliant for people who suffer with dry,tight skin (like me.) 

Gilette Venus Razor (£7.99 from Boots)

I don't use these everyday (I alternate it with cheaper razors) as I think that  Venus razors and the new blades can get pretty pricey,but I love the results.I can get a close smooth shave and it doesn't drag across my skin and cut it up like some other razors have done.Armpits can be notoriously hard to get completely shaved because of the awkward shape,but I find that these leave no fuzz behind.There are normally quite a lot of offers and deals on Venus products so I'd keep an eye open to see if they go down in price. 

I'm always keeping my eye out for new products,but I always go back to these.I'm not a fan of fussy or complicated bottles (I'm very clumsy) but these do the job!

What products are you loving at the moment?

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