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If it's one thing I don't like buying it's feminine hygiene products, you will normally see me shuffling to the aisle,grabbing what I need and leaving.I'm not so bad now,after all I doubt the checkout assistant cares! It was worth having a look too as I found these great products in Poundland.My periods can vary from pretty light to excruciatingly heavy,so I like to have a few things around so that I'm covered for every situation.

I know that using heavily scented products have caused irritation or infections in some people,although I think it's completely a personal choice.I haven't experienced anything negative,but I would stop using it if you do.You don't need specific cleaning products for your vagina as it's self cleansing (clever thing) but these product really help me to feel fresher and more comfortable. 

Always Dailies Scented Pantyliners 

These are great for the days when your period is starting or ending and it's not a heavy enough flow for a pad or tampon.They don't take up much room in a bag and stay put until you want to remove them.The scent is light and fresh without being irritating or overwhelming,this is partly due to the "Actipearls" which help to neutralise any odours.I do feel any odours are being removed rather can covered up,so these definitely give me piece of mind.They're really thin too and made of comfortable material,so they feel like they are barely there.

Femfresh soap free wash

This is amazing! Especially if you've had a long day and want to quickly freshen up without using drying soaps.I don't use it everyday just to give my skin a break but it is suitable for daily use.Femfresh is a well known brand that offers dermatologically and gynecologically tested products so you can be sure that this has been specifically designed for personal use.When using feminine hygiene products,you should only apply them to the outer parts as using them internally can cause discomfort and encourage excess discharge It's got a neutral and very subtle scent but you really don't need to use much,maybe about a 10p sized amount.

I was taking to my hubby the other day about how there are no products like this for men.The media does seem to play a part in making women feel unclean or ashamed of their natural cycle.I remember when I was a teenager I was scared that people would be able to smell blood on me or that I might not be quite fresh enough,but unless there is an infection,vaginas tend to remain in a neutral state with no particular odour.Of course I bought these from Poundland,so at just £2 for both,these are a really affordable addition to my routine.I think these products are great to have alongside sanitary towels just in case!

What products (if any) do you use to help you feel better?

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