I've got mail // The Blogger's Snail Mail

I was so happy to get home from work as I'm looking forward to the Bank Holiday,but receiving this lovely gift and note from Vicki at EllieBearBabi (go and follow her, she's awesome) made it even greater! I've been chatting to her over on Twitter as part of The Blogger's Snail Mail which was set up by Gemma over at Lipstick & Lashes.Basically,we got to know someone and their blog,and at the end of it we could send a note or letter and a gift for no more than £5.This budget really helped us to get creative! Luckily my snail mail pal is very crafty and I wasn't disappointed with it's lovely presentation.

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful Butterfly wrapping, and look at all the goodies that are inside! This definitely inspires me to take more effort to wrap up presents prettily.The cute note was a lovely personal touch too,thank you Vicki for all of your kinds words.By the way,I wish I had that handwriting,I can't write in straight lines on blank paper (many school notebooks were thrown away!)

I love the design from the back of the card,it's very fitting seeing as it comes from a very creative person.In my head,I'm a 1950's housewife who is really good at sewing, so this appeals to my nature.

Let's have a quick peek at what's inside shall we?

I always like to have a mirror in my handbag as I'm prone to getting stuff stuck in my teeth (hello spinach) and this is so cute! Vintage pin up design and a heart shape.What more could I want?

 This looks really interesting! SPF is one of the things I look for in a moisturiser, but I've never seen this before (maybe it's a Northern Irish thing?) I love Nivea products and I've heard so many great things about BB creams,especially with the Summer coming up when it's nicer to wear less make up.

This sheer pink lipstick is by a company called NYPM and I'm really excited to try a different brand.I don't have many pink shades,so I will be branching out a bit which is always good.It will make a nice change from my usual red or purple toned lip colours.

I do like to add a little bit of colour to my cheeks,but I prefer a subtle rosy glow over an Aunt Sally (Google it) look. I've heard that this tint is a good dupe for Benefit's version too,so fingers crossed! As for the nail varnish well it couldn't be more perfect.I love sparkles and I've already sung the praises of Jess nail polishes here.I'm creating a bit of a nail polish collection (let's hope they don't take over my house)

I've had so much fun chatting and writing my letter,it just goes to show how far good words and friendly gestures can go! I wish people wrote letters more as it always feels much more personal and special to receive your very own handwritten note in the post.Thank you Vicki for taking the time to create this lovely package,it definitely brightened my day!

Do you ever write letters? I think I might start (it's an excuse to buy pretty stationary.)


  1. This is a nice idea! I love writing letters when I get the chance...there is a fab group called IGPPC who deal in penpalling and also #postcircle who are snail mail fans. I think letter writing is an art form and certainly shouldn't die out! Lovely post x

  2. What a sweet idea - love that pocket mirror compact!

  3. Thanks for the info Emma,I haven't had a pen pal since School but it sounds like such a great way to connect with people.I especially love the little mirror too,it's definitely come in handy already! xx


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