My day in pictures // Bank holiday seaside trip

This time of year Devon is full of tourists,and I can see why but maybe I'm a little biased! I think we can all agree that there is nothing better than a day at the seaside,it's so relaxing to sit on the warm sand and listen to the sounds of the waves lapping the shore.The only thing with beaches in the UK is that the sea breeze can be a bit too icy,but that's what tea was made for.We decided to make the most of the four day weekend and head to Paignton and Torquay.

First stop was Paignton so that we could have a walk along the sandy beach.It was very busy but the atmosphere was so happy,people were laughing and relaxing after a long week.It was quite windy and I think I probably should have worn tights,a bit of skill was needed to avoid a Marilyn Monroe moment,but it was worth it to take in the beautiful scenery and let the salty air clear my mind.

 I was pretty cold after that so I thought I'd take a break and stop for a cuppa at the pier cafe.Seeing as we were already at there,we went to see if we could win anything on the games,I swear they're fixed,but I'm a sucker and I can't just walk past them.I could walk along the Pier for ages,taking in the smell of hot doughnuts and feeling the salty air whip through my hair (I'll need no salt spray for my hair today!)

I decided to keep the amount of money I spent to a minimum by going on the 2p machines.There's something about these that bring out the little kid in me,I love the clinking sounds,flashing lights and how my hands smell like coins for hours.This pot lasted me a while as I kept winning a few back,so feeling quite full of myself I decided to head to the claw machines but as you can imagine,I didn't win anything.Some people were putting loads of money in,it's so easy to spend more than you would just buying the toy.

Paignton is great fun but it's quite a small town,so we decided to head over to Torquay to see what was going on.We got Torbay Dayriders on the bus which was £9.80 for both of us,so if you're down here and you want to travel around Torquay,Paignton and Brixham I would recommend this as a cheap way to get around,as you can go back and forth in one day as much as you want.

This time of year Torquay really comes in to it's own,the famous English Rivera palm trees sway in the summer breeze and the grass is blanketed in flowers of all colours.We thought this would be a perfect place to have a picnic so we sat down for some food.I'd definitely recommend taking a packed lunch if you could to avoid the long queues and the expensive prices.

 I couldn't leave Torquay without doing a little bit of shopping,and this guy was certainly drawing a crowd in on the High street.I've never seen a busking act like this before,but he did manage to do it! Rather him than me but he seemed to be enjoying himself and making quite a bit of money.

I came home really tired but we had so much fun,I'm definitely going to go to Torbay more when I can because I love a change of scenery and the people are always so lovely.

What are you doing this Bank Holiday weekend? Any nice plans?



  1. That sounds fab, I love 2p pushing machines, I think I need to visit Brighton more so that I can get my fill of them! Plus, who doesn't love a beach?

  2. Great pictures and glad you had a good time :) the weather is so decievingly warm, in the sense that it looks warm and sunny but when you step out it's absolutely freezing! So I can't imagine how cold it was near the beach! But it looks like an amazing day and I am very jealous you went to the beach;p x
    |Life as a Petite|

  3. love devon- i have family near dawlish and it's so pretty :)

  4. Beautiful photographs! I love Devon, it's so picturesque there :) Nothing better than strolling on a beach on a sunny day, and the smell of hot doughnuts is too good to resist! Hope you had a lovely day x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  5. Thanks for all your comments guys :) I'm definitely looking to visit other UK beaches (Brighton is a great idea Lisa!) because they all offer something different.It's pretty easy to take where you live for granted so I'm always trying to get out.I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.xx

  6. This looks like such a lovely day out :) Beautiful photos!

    The Oxford Owl

  7. Thank you :) I'm so glad I took them,I seem to be getting better at remembering my camera haha x


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