Beauty // Morning Make Up Musthaves

I'm pretty sure that I'd run down to the shops in my pyjamas if I ever ran out of these.I always make sure I've got enough,and because they are all under £5 I often have a couple of back ups lying around in different places.They're not high end products but they're really effective and do the job well.

Wilko refreshing eye drops (£2-£3 from Wilkinsons)

I can't remember exactly how much this lifesaver cost,but I know it's very budget friendly.I'm basically a walking allergy,and these drops are great at making sure that my eyes stop running and they stay clear and bright.They're great to use after a long day too,although I don't use them everyday because it might disturb the natural balance of my eyes.

Sanctuary Spa hand cream (£3 from Boots)

I was lucky enough to receive this in the Sanctuary gift set for Christmas from my lovely husband! My hands get really dry and this formula is rich enough to give my skin day long moisturisation, without leaving a greasy film on my hands.It smells so good too,it's got a lovely sweet and subtle almond fragrance that lasts for hours .I've had it since December and I don't even think I'm halfway through as you don't need much,so this is a great cost effective option.

Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer (£1 from Poundland)

After trying this out, I went to Poundland to pick up another as it was that amazing! This one is shade 02 (Natural) and is great at hiding the redness I often get around my nose and chin.It's quite a creamy formula too,so it's really moisturising for dry skin.I also love that when you apply it to a breakout it doesn't cake or leave it looking worse than before,it just gives a nice even coverage.

Vaseline Rosy Lips (£2.18 from Boots)

I think I've tried just about every type of Vaseline but this is definitely one of my favourites.It isn't heavily scented but it does have a light rose fragrance which I love.The almond oil helps keep my lips free from cracks and moisturised all day.I often use it so that I have a smooth base to apply lipstick or gloss,but it's great by itself as it gives my lips a beautiful rosy sheen.

I know they're nothing exciting,but I couldn't be without these.They definitely help me feel more put together and polished.I always feel like I'm going to have a good day if I have everything to hand.I'm still trying to scout out more bargains to add to my collection!

What are your must haves?


  1. Aw what a lovely post! I always love these types of posts as I'm nosy and its a good recommendation if a blogger keeps buying the same bits over and over :D It must be good!

    lovely post hun!!!!

    Lucie xx

    Fatbeautyx // Youtube // Vote For Me

  2. Thank you! I agree,they're a great way to get inspiration.I'm definitely not a high end product blogger haha.xx

  3. Lovely post, I like the everyday items type's of posts there a nice change compared to everyone else's fancy product posts :)

    Jorden X http://fourbluemondays.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. Exactly,it's nice to see luxury products but seeing ones I can use regularly helps me out much more.xx


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