Poundland bargains // Derma V10 Anti Wrinkle moisturising cream review

I always get so confused with all of the technical mumbo jumbo when it comes to skincare.I don't know what "peptides" are or what hyaluronic acid does for my skin, I just want a face cream that  is simple and affordable.Of course,I went to Poundland and I found this little beauty.I'm not the sort of person to spend £30 on one product,so I was hoping this would be a perfect budget alternative.

The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging.I like how fuss free it is and it looks quite luxurious for a cheaper product. 50ml is a generous amount,and it's suitable for all skin types so it shouldn't irritate any problem areas.I've seen Q10 mentioned on other anti wrinkle products and apparently that is because it rich in antioxidants,which are great for maintaining healthy skin .Aloe Vera is very good at calming redness and Carnitine helps boost anti aging properties.It all sounds very professional! 

This is a new pot,but I've been using this for around 3 months and I'm really happy with the results.It has a lovely consistency and is thick enough that it leaves my skin feeling moisturised without that greasy feeling.Also,a little goes a long way,I only use about a 10p sized blob to cover my whole face.I can't comment on it's anti wrinkle effect as I don't have any yet (maybe that's why!) but it creates a wonderful smooth base for my make up and it does everything a face cream should do.It smell gorgeous too,it reminds me of a mix between fresh laundry and soap.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for simple skincare that works.If you're spending quite a lot in that area,this would be an effective alternative.My pot lasted 3 months using it every day so I only spend £4 on face creams per year,less than one pot of higher end product.

What skin cream are you using at the moment?


  1. The box is an absolute dupe for L'Oréal Paris Triple Active! I might have to try this out, I'm forever changing what moisturiser I use (and I spend way too much!) x

  2. I just Googled that L'oreal cream,and it definitely is! The cost can really add up when you factor in everything,can't it? x

  3. I'm using Superdrug vitamin E cream at the moment. I don't really mind what I use as long as it has an SPF in it. x x

  4. Ooh that sounds interesting! I've heard Vit.E is really good for clearing up acne scars so I'll have to check that out.Thanks xx

  5. Such a great little recommendation! :) I'll try this. I never think of using Anti Wrinkle, but as Im almost 26, maybe starting early will be better for my skin :) Great post, thanks! xxx



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