Fashion // Charity shop budget OOTD

As payday is nearing but the funds are still low,I thought I would pop into my local charity shop to see what I could find.I've been having a look at people's OOTD/N posts more recently,and I've been really inspired by all of the different body types and fashion styles out there.This Summer I'm really trying to challenge the thoughts about my body and wear things outside my comfort zone,so I was very excited to come across this lovely dress.It was a complete steal at only £6.75 and was originally from Peacocks.It looks like it's barely been worn!

I usually tend to stick to neutral colours and cover up my arms so this is definitely a big fashion step for me! I love the print and the vibrant mustard yellow colour,it has a bit of a 60's feel to it I think,but correct me if I'm wrong.It kind of reminds of the Missoni print that was popular then.This dress also gets a gold star for being amazingly comfortable,it's got just enough stretch in the waist to accommodate food babies and period bloat.

This bag is from Primark and it goes with absolutely everything and it has enough room to store all of my essentials and some not so essentials.It feels really luxurious and well made,despite only being £12.If you're looking for a high quality bag on a budget,I'd definitely head to Primark right now!

I've just styled this dress with some black tights and brogues but I'm really looking for some new ways to wear it.What would you pair it with? 


  1. This is so cute! Such a bargain! I love the print, and well done you for being brave and changing it up :) xx

  2. I just love going to charity shops. It's so cheap!
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  3. Such a lovely look! I always like going to charity shops to look for something, but I never end up buying anything because I just don't have the visual to see myself with anything, would love to get better!

    Tanja Mortensen

  4. Thank you very much! I agree,charity shops can be overlooked sometimes but it can be so fun to see what they've got to offer.I know what you mean Tanja,the mannequins don't often have a similar style to me.xx


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