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I've always been a Morning person.I love getting up before anyone else and pottering around,it gives me time to get myself ready for the day and puts me in a good mood.I know there are people like me around,but it seems most people (including my Husband) share the opinion of my beloved Grumpy Cat."How can you get up now?" is what I hear most mornings,I don't know really but I've got a few things I do to ensure that I wake up on the right side of the bed.

1.Turn off any electronics when you're going to bed.It's really easy to say you're going to sleep but then an hour later you're somehow watching that Poker that comes on at 2am (true story.) Now,I always make sure I turn off the TV and tablets etc.. so that I don't want to go on them.It also means I'm saving money too! Being in a dark room with no distractions is a great way to get a deep and refreshing sleep.

2.Get up and appreciate your surroundings.There are only 24 hours in a day,so enjoy every one you can! I find looking outside the window to see the sunrise or going downstairs to make a cup of coffee and sitting quietly really helps me to appreciate the little things and gather my thoughts.

3.Try to have a good breakfast.I know this can be hard if you're in a rush for whatever reason,but there are so many benefits to this important meal.Eating breakfast has been proven to aid concentration,keep your mood stable and of course,gives you essential energy for the day.

Some great breakfast suggestions;

Porridge with milk (top with fruit and/or nuts for an extra boost)
Scrambled eggs/beans on toast
Granola and yoghurt
Smoothies (bought or even made and frozen for an easy breakfast)

4.Try to go to bed at the same (or at least similar) time every night.I've found that my natural body clock wakes me up quite reliably and I feel rested.Obviously,if you've got to get up at a certain time,set you're alarm but ensuring that you get you're body in a routine is really helpful in not feeling horrible when you wake up!

I know these might be quite obvious,but I've always done these and I don't get that groggy morning feeling.Making time for sleep can really change your life because the time that you're awake is higher quality! I think a lot if is habit though,and our bodies are really good at adapting to changes.

What tips do you have for people struggling with mornings?


  1. Always on hunt for tips to help me in the morn! I think you are right about routine I need to get that sorted & switching of devices in fact I need to just do all of your tips!

  2. I've never been a morning person, which is unfortunate for me because for years I had to get up at 3.30 am to walk an hour to work at Gatwick then do a 12 hour shift. I've always been a glutton for punishment! Now I'm a night owl, I do all my creativity at night, but there's something beautiful about watching the sun come up. x x

  3. Clare,I never used to have a routine but setting one up means that I don't always have to rely on my horrible sounding alarm! Wow Leah,that must have been tough going.Lots of people say that about the evening but I tend to get into sleep mode instead.xx


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