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I love coming home after a long day and seeing what's new online.Recently though instead of looking at cats on Youtube,I've decided to use my time more productively! I've found some great sites that haven't only helped me,but other people too.What better use of my time? I've found so many that I'm going to make a series out of this because I think you're going to find them useful.


Freerice.com is a wonderful site where you can improve your vocabulary and help feed hungry people! A word will come up and you've got to pick the correct meaning.Each right answer means that 10 grains of rice have been donated through the World Food Programme.The questions get harder and it's actually quite addictive trying to see if you can get more grains.I definitely think this is more productive than Candy Crush!

This website has really improved my productivity and thought processing.I just plug in my headphones and I can hear the realistic sounds of a Coffee shop.Apparently,this atmosphere is really good for helping inspire creativity and helping you focus.When you think about it,that must be true as it's very common for people who are writing to come and sit in a cosy Coffee shop.There are 3 background noise to choose from; "Morning Murmur","Lunchtime Lounge" or "University Undertones" which is great as there is one for every mood or time of day.If you're finding it hard to concentrate on blogging,work or studying I would definitely recommend playing this in the background.

29a.ch (Nebula creator)

This site is a bit unusual but I've found it really useful in helping me stay calm during anxious moments.It's very simple to use as all you do is pick colours and drag your mouse around the screen.This creates a really pretty Nebula that you can customise.I find the simple actions and colours really calming,kind of like watching fish.It's a great activity to just take your mind away for a few minutes and distract from any negativity.

I'll be adding more sites as I find them,the Internet is full of weird and wonderful things.Do you have any sites that help with your productivity? 


  1. I love freerice! These are some great suggestions, I'll be trying the others, especially the coffee shop sounds! :) x


  2. They're definitely very helpful! The English skills definitely help with blogging haha x


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