5 easy ways to give up caffeine // My green tea detox

It's no secret that I love caffeine.Like most people,that cup of coffee in the morning really helps set up my 
day.I also love Diet Coke,and on a bad day I could drink enough to sink a small ship.I feel great when I drink caffeine,full of energy and excitement but a few hours later and I feel lethargic,bloated and irritable.A few times a year I try to give myself a little break to see if I feel any improvements from cutting it out. 

From past experiences,after the initial withdrawal period,I normally feel pretty good! The main motivation for doing it is that it makes my skin much clearer and I just look a little bit healthier overall .I'm going to be drinking only green tea and water in the hopes that it will give me a boost.

I thought I'd share some useful information with you that will help you if you're looking to give up caffeine.

1.Keep hydrated

Drinking enough fluids can stop you getting a dry mouth and feeling foggy headed, which is definitely needed when moving away from caffeine. If.If plain water isn't very exciting,you could add a splash of fruit juice or drink herbals teas.

2.Write down your reasons for quitting

Writing down the reasons why you're quitting caffeine is a great way to keep up your motivation.If you see why you're doing this in black and white,you might think twice about having that sneaky coffee.My main motivation is money,Starbucks is really expensive!

3.Make time to relax

Caffeine is often used as a way to relax or get a little buzz.Why not do something else that you enjoy? Going on a nice walk can be invigorating and really help to  freshen up your mind.Do whatever feels good for you.

4.Feel proud of yourself

Giving up or cutting down on anything is hard.Feel proud of yourself and give yourself a little pat on the back.When you're having a wobbly moment say some positive affirmations like "I'm making good changes to my health" or "I can do this!".Having faith in yourself can keep up your morale and make you feel great!

5.Switch to decaffeinated coffees or teas

I find these a massive help.A warm cup of tea can be a great comfort and a lovely hand warmer,drinking decaffeinated drinks means you can get the same feeling but still reduce your caffeine intake.Although these drinks do contain a minor amount of caffeine (2mg per cup) it shouldn't have an affect on your body.

So there you go! I'm clutching my green tea now,hoping that in a few days time I will be glowing with health (maybe to much to ask for),but I know it will do me some good.Let me know if you're doing something similar.

Have you ever given up caffeine? How did you find it?


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