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I am addicted to sample sized products,they're great for popping in my bag or in my suitcase when I travel.Luckily, a lot of companies give away sample sizes so that you can try before you buy! If you know where to look you can save quite a bit of money,I haven't had to buy perfume in ages.To save you the hassle I've put together a list of useful sites I like to use to get freebies.

The samples above are ones that I've had for a few months.I've tried everything except Gucci Guilty (you can still get a sample!) but it does look good. The Clipper teabags always come in handy and the Nicki Minaj perfume is gorgeous,very peachy and floral.I love anything from Palmers and their facial scrub is great at brightening my winter skin,the HASK smoothing shine oil is pretty good too and does a wonderful job at taming flyaways (although I don't use too much,live and learn!)

As samples get snatched up pretty quickly,it's always best to check these sites regularly to make sure you're up to date with what they're giving out.The only frustrating thing is they can take up to 6 weeks or longer to turn up,but I guess we can't complain too much.

This site is really easy to use as it's organised into categories and has an App for both iPhone and Android devices.It's updated daily,and offers a wide range of freebies including perfumes,cleaning products and toiletries.They also  run competitions and offer discount vouchers,so there is a lot to be found on this website.

Magic Freebies UK is another site I use pretty often.It's tailored for the UK,which is useful because so many times I've seen a wonderful freebie and not been able to get it! They have had quite a lot of media attention for being a trustworthy and helpful site,so I know I'm always getting a good deal.Freebies are pretty varied,and they have an area of "low spend" freebies where you just pay a small fee or P&P.

MoneySavingExpert is the holy grail of frugality.This board is full of dedicated posters informing you of the latest freebies.They keep their posts very up to date,so you hopefully you will be in with more of a chance.There is something for everyone here and the community is so lovely,if you have a question,they are more than willing to help you out.

Here are my top freebie picks right now:

These are the 3 main sites that I use,and I must say they are pretty consistent.They have always delivered reasonably quickly and the products are as described.I think that getting freebies is a great way to save a little money,and it does feel nice when the packet comes through the door!

Have you had any success with freebie sites?


  1. Hey, love the blog!
    I'm signed up to StudentBeans which is a site just for students, hence the name, and informs you of freebies - including free cinema tickets - part-time jobs, events and much more! I am constantly on their site and even managed to bag myself £22 worth of chocolate from Hotel Chocolat!

    Check out and follow my blog!

    Kayleigh. x

  2. Thank you!
    Wow that sounds great,I'll have to have a look.Hotel Chocolat can be expensive,so that's a great deal.
    I will pop over now :) xo

  3. Thanks so much for the tip!!


  4. No problem at all! I wish we had as many freebies as the US does,but i'll keep looking :) xo

  5. Darn! Those samples sound lovely and are making me wish I lived in the UK! I recently requested a sample from Bulgari @ http://bvlgariomnia.bulgari.com/en/try-the-fragrance Hopefully they still have a few left. Way back in middle school my friend told me about http://teenfreeway.com/ The site is still active and I visit it from time to time. Like you I love free samples :) I recently visited a LUSH store and bought some goodies to gift and they gave me a couple sample with my purchase. I think the idea of reciprocity should be more common. Thanks for the post!

  6. I know most companies offer free samples to lots of countries so there is hope for everyone! They normally will close the offer if there is none left,so you should get something.I agree,it's a good idea because it makes you feel a bit more valued as a costumer.

    I'll have to check out that site,and no problem,I enjoyed writing it! xo

  7. Oh good tips thanks. Have followed via bloglovin x


  8. Thank you very much! I hope they'll help you save some money :) xx

  9. Fantastic tips! Thanks Kim, I have always been huge fans of getting samples, it usually helps me decide which perfume, or make up I am going to use, so there very useful, big fan of LFS & FreeStuff Baby.


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