Mothers day picks // What I bought

Mother's Day is coming up on the 30th March,and like most Daughters I have been racking my brain trying the think of perfect gift ideas.As much as I love her,she is the most awkward woman to buy for! She can't used scented body products and has a lot of aversions to different types of food.Finally, I think I've picked some things she'll love.

Card from Etsy £2.95

I'm really soppy so this card definitely appealed to me.Unlike my husband who insists on buying humorous cards for everyone in case someone thinks he's being soft! I love the cute font and I completely agree that you're never to old to need your Mum (even at 22).I thought this really stood out as something unique and pretty to look at.

       Quote book from WHSmith £5.99
Cadburys Eclairs £1

I love memorising quotes to help me though tough times, and I always share them with my family,they never fail to cheer Mum up.This little quote book really caught my eye,it's full of lovely words that she can treasure forever.I also picked up a bag of Cadburys Chocolate Eclairs because I always remember her eating them when I was a child,she even managed to give me a few! I don't even like them that much,but I felt so important when she handed me one.

I thought this quotes were so lovely and heartfelt,they would make a great gift for any Mother.I know holidays can be quite commercialised now,but I think it's wonderful when we have an excuse to give our loved ones a well deserved present.If you're still trying to find the perfect Mother's Day present,WH Smiths have lots of lovely books which have offers on,so try and get yourself a bargain.

Have you bought anything for Mother's Day?


  1. I just bought that card I think it is so cute! Great post
    Ells xx

  2. Aw that card is so cute <3

  3. Agreed.I just had to pick it up :) Etsy will ruin my bank account haha.xx

  4. I brought my mums favourite body shop fragrance. Lovely post hun x

    Check out my mother's day post?

  5. Thanks! I will pop over now :) xx

  6. That card and book are great! Lovely picks! :)

  7. aw these are all so cute! I haven't got my mum anything yet really need to get out and get sorted!

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  8. Thanks :) At least you've got quite a lot of time to get some ideas! xx

  9. Thanks! Fingers crossed she'll like them.:) x


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