The best things in life are free // Community Potluck

Once a week, I have decided to dedicate a post to writing about great things to do or see for very little money! Having a night out can be so expensive, and you can often go how with nothing more than an empty wallet and a soggy kebab.This is where Potlucks come in, they are gaining popularity in the UK as they're a great way to share food and meet new people.I took along some peanut butter and chocolate bars!

The idea is that everyone who attends brings some food and you all share it together.They normally accept donations so that they can hire the venue and put the kettle on,but other than that it's often free! My local one was held in the Methodist Church and run by the "Network of Wellness" who help support people coming together in the community.

I thought the table decorations where really cute and I love the handmade touch.They did a really good job at jazzing up an otherwise plain hall.I could do with some of those candle jars at home!When I got to the food table,I didn't know what to pick. There was so much choice including vegan options,so it was great that everyone was catered for.

I decided on trying a little bit of everything! I had to some Pasty of course (true Devonian!) but this was potato and leek which was a bit different.I also tried so Gnocchi and a little bit of rice salad.There was loads of fresh fruit too, so I picked up a few fresh strawberries.Almost all of the food was organic,really well cooked and there was so much of it that I was blown away by people's hard work! I washed it all down with a lovely Chai Latte.

I couldn't pass up on dessert as it all looked so good! My photo doesn't do it justice,but this a Berry cheesecake which had just the right amount of sweet and tart flavours.It was great to just sit and enjoy some food with people you wouldn't normally spend time with.You meet all kinds of people! With full stomachs, we decided to head to the free market.

Now that you know roughly where I live,Totnes is well known for being an alternative and green community.We're very big on recycling and reusing down here! A friendly man came up to us and said "take as much as you want" which I thought was very generous.There was a large selection of kids clothes and all kinds of different books covering every subject.We walked away with a few books that we know family members love.

I was really impressed by the kindness and friendliness of the community here, we had a great time! If we had of gone out drinking for a night, we could have spent £30, but this was a great way to have a meal out in a lovely setting all for a £2 donation!

Would you ever go to a Potluck? If you have,did you enjoy it?


  1. This is such a great idea and a fab way to eat for much less than it would cost for a meal out at a restaurant.

  2. That is a great idea we used to have bring and share lunches at work. It is a great way to try yummy new food. The free market sounds great too x

  3. This is such a great idea and shows the kindess of some people! :-)

  4. Thanks for the comments guys.I agree! More places should do it,lots of people are setting up their own events.I've never heard of people doing it at work before,but that sounds like a great idea.I'm surprised more people aren't doing this.xx

  5. What a great idea! I had no clue things like this existed :)


  6. Neither did I really,but I saw an advert on the local bulletin board :) There may be one near you!.xx

  7. I'd never heard of this before! Looks like such a nice idea and the food looks great!


  8. I wasn't sure at first,but it was definitely worth going! xx


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