My husbands take on Topshop magazine

As I mention in my haul post,I love free magazines.They definitely help to stop the boredom of the train rides (which are not my favourite,rustling crisp packets and sniffly noses,lovely).Flicking through the pages,my husband decided to have a quick look.He is definitely not the most fashion conscious guy in the world,his wardrobe is 90% t shirts and jeans (he would agree with me!) so he found the high fashion pictures a bit unusual.Here is what he had to say about them;

How could some look so grumpy whilst wearing a Unicorn jumper? (I have to question this too!)

Why is she wearing a costume in the bath? She's not going swimming.(Was it just me,or when you were a child,did you move the bath water backwards and forwards to make waves? No,just me then!)

She doesn't have a very wide range of expressions.It looks like her head has been Photoshopped onto a different outfit.(If I had to pose like this I'd end up laughing,I think Tyra Banks calls this "smizing!)

What is "Ibiza Grunge"? (To be honest,I don't know myself.When I think of grunge fashion,I think of checkered shirts,boyfriend jeans & Doc Martens,a just rolled out of bed look) 

One thing I have noticed is how so many models have thicker and bushier eyebrows.After spending a lifetime plucking them,I might grown them out a little!

We definitely enlightened each other on our opinions,although I don't think he'll be heading down to the nearest Topshop.It's fine though,he can carry the bags!

Does anyone in your family share your enthusiasm for fashion? 


  1. I think she was the main inspiration too! I think they suit her,but I think they'd overpower my face haha xo

  2. Love those photos!
    I believe I am the only one who is into fashion... however I still wear what I love to wear. :)


  3. Thanks! I know how you feel haha.Although I've never seen someone copy a look head to toe! xo

  4. This well made me giggle! A delve into the mind of man haha xx

  5. Haha it's almost like there a different species sometimes.I still get dragged around game shops though so it's fair! xx


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