Primark £1 fashion nails review

It's no secret that I love Primark. It's a great place to buy good value clothes without spending too much.I normally walk past most of the accessories,but their range of fashion nails really caught my eye.There so many different designs to choose from I couldn't make my mind up,but I decided on these lovely Daisy print nails,perfect for spring! The price tag is great too,other brands can charge anything up to £10.

I didn't realise that there were 24 in a pack,which means I can wear these more than once,let's hope they stay on! There are a wide range of sizes to fit most nails types,and I found the glue to be quite effective and sturdy,which surprised me for such a low cost.I just dabbed it onto my nail bed and applied the nails,pushing down firmly.I thought it would be quite fiddly,but it was definitely a quick and easy process,it took me about 15 minutes! They seem to be holding up pretty well,so far they have stayed on whilst I've made my bed,cleaned the kitchen and washed my hands.This has definitely been a positive experience,unlike some other nails I have purchased that have pinged across the room at the first chance.

I love how they look on,and I have already received a lot of compliments.I've only had them on for a few hours! I think they'd be great for a night out,or when I just fancy I change.I'm not very good at nail art,so these are an easier alternative.Next time I'm in Primark,I think I'll pick up a few more.You can't go wrong really!

Have you ever tried false nails? What brands do you like?


  1. I've never tried false nails, only acrylics, but you can't really go wrong at this price, can you!

    Corinne x

  2. I agree,very budget friendly :) kinder on your nails than acrylics too x

  3. Wow! They look so beautiful on. You can always rely on good old Primark :)

  4. Thank you! I agree,I normally leave there with loads haha x

  5. I didn't see these ones when I went in! They're lovely! I had trouble size wise with the nails, so unfortunately I could only get one use out of the pack!

  6. That's a shame! They should make an even wider range of sizes then so that no one misses out :).xx


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