Summer skin // Scholl Instant Hard Skin Remover review

Every year as Summer approaches I start looking for gadgets and gizmos to help remove the dry and cracked skin from my feet.I think I've bought every kind of cream promising soft smooth skin and I didn't have much success with the Ped Egg either! It felt like I was rubbing a cheese grater over my feet,and it was just as helpful too.I was browsing Bloglovin' as I often do,and I noticed that Leah over at Just me,Leah was reviewing this and her results gave me some hope! I really want to wear more sandals this year,so I popped over to Amazon and picked one up.

Scholl Instant Hard Skin Remover £8.50 from here

Apparently 98% of people agree that they saw visible improvements and I like those odds! I decided to soak my feet first so that my skin was softened and it would (hopefully) be easier to use.

The first thing that I found that it was really easy to hold which meant that I could get loads of dead skin off.It felt really therapeutic! All you do is rub the circles which contain specially angled blades backwards and forwards over the area,and the skin will be removed.After using this,I noticed a massive difference in how my feet felt and the areas were much less painful and red.To get the most out of the experience rubbed in some heel cream and put on some thick socks so that it could soak in.

      CCS Swedish Foot Heel Balm £5.56 from here

This stuff is amazing! It nourishes my skin and definitely reduces the time I need to spend on my feet.This would be lovely for anyone who is on their feet a lot.It's more than I'd normally pay for a foot cream,but seeing as Summer is coming up,my skin needs the attention.

I'd definitely recommend getting the Scholl Instant Hard Skin remover if you suffer from painful dry skin and calluses! It only took about 10 minutes to use so it's easy to use if you're rushing around.Unfortunately,if you're Diabetic you won't be able to use this product.

Do you have any tips of soft feet?


  1. You should try Udderly Smooth for after, its amazing, and dry skin no more- I used it for two days and it eliminated all dry skin! xx

  2. I'm so glad you found it useful! I use Soap & Glory's Heel Genius on my feet afterwards, it's a foot balm and very moisturising. x x

  3. I saw that on Amazon Jess! The packaging was so cute,I didn't realise think it would be that good though.Thanks for bringing it to my attention Leah,I can't stop using it haha :) I'm a big fan of Soap and Glory so I'll have to check that out.xx


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