Beat bad skin // £2.19 Germolene cream trick

I've been stuck with one of those really painful under the skin spots for a couple of days now (thanks hormones).You know the kind that stick out like a sore thumb and can't be popped? Short of going outside with a scarf wrapped around my chin,I grabbed some Germolene antiseptic cream from my cabinet and dabbed some on.I've always used it for burns and insect bites so I thought it would be good at numbing the area and keeping it free from infection.

I really love the smell of Germolene,it's a very medicinal scent and it has a thick consistency.I found I only needed a little bit to numb the spot and I was pain free! I thought I'd let it do it's magic overnight and hope for the best.When I woke up it hadn't gone,but it definitely look less irritated and had begun to shrink.A great way to improve the effectiveness of Germolene is to dab a cotton wall ball in hot or warm water (be careful) and place it onto the area,this helps opens up your pores and lets the cream do it's job a little better.

It's a great multipurpose product to have around the house and it's really affordable too.You can pick it up from Amazon for £2.19, but I have seen it in various pound shops before so keep an eye out!

Do you have any tips for treating problem skin?


  1. I really need to try this out! My skin has been so bad lately, booo!

    Hayley x


  2. Ooh, need to try this! Your blog is so lovely! So glad I stumbled across it!


  3. I'd recommend it Haley,I've found it to be much more helpful then Sudocrem.Thank you so much Mere! It's been a bit of a lifesaver for my hormonal skin.xx

  4. I've got one of those bloody spots on my chin right now! Thanks for the tip. :) x x

  5. good thing this works for you! I dont think this is available here locally :(

  6. This should do the trick Leah! :) I'm sure that any antiseptic cream would do the same thing! Most pharmacies carry own brand products.xx


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